More Steam Cloud Storage Space or Higher Character Limit

I’ve run out. :crying_cat_face:

Talk to Valve about that :wink:

This, that is entirely out of our hands.

It’s a feature. Exceeding the space means you’re a serious player and should use a more reliable way of storing your characters - local with backups. It’s also limiting the numbers of forums threads with titles such as ‘Lost all my characters. Pls help!’.

Actually if you only play GD on steam, then the storage should be enough for maybe 3-4 years of playing. Since you probably use storage for other games aswell, you should find another solutions since devs of GD has nothing to do with it.

And this is nothing to do with steam aswell. These things happens mostly by player mistakes; they use other tools so they change options and without understanding them. I have never read or saw anyone lost all data without game modification or tool usage; and also I have never heard anyone lost all data after a steam update or any change they do on any game so this is not their server problem. It’s always human mistakes and humans also lie most of the time to hide their mistakes.

Have to disagree on that ford. There are plenty of threads here and on the Steam forum where people have lost progress when using cloud saving. It’s gotten so bad for Titan Quest that they actually advise people not to use it. While some of it can be put down to human error, not all of it can.

As for the cloud storage this may be about the limit on the number of charactes you can have in the game. The limit is 50. If you have one of each class plus the single masteries as well you’re at 45 without having several of each type.

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I’d never played Titan Quest, or any game on steam in late 00’s. It’s been more than ten years, So the information you’re presenting is old and I’m sure that those events happened to the some players without their mistakes, but since the steam also upgraded things and improved themselves as increasing player rate I really don’t think these things caused by them mostly, the real steam originated incidents possibility should not be even %5 among all of them, of course nothing is impossible and any player who really want to control everything should save all files locally, upload them on a another cloud server and update them weekly atleast to be sure just incase the computer burst in flames.

PS: I have 1300 hours play time and my cloud save storage is still %90+ empty.

I would not be so fast in declaring cloud save innocent here… using the same tools to make the same changes on local saves never results in data loss, yet with cloud save it randomly does - including files of the same char that the tool never even reads (eg quest progress).

How do you explain that without cloud save screwing up?

I guess you didn’t get the human mistake part, all tools requires local saves to work on the game, so anyone who uses tools can’t enable cloud save at the same time so if a person lose quest data while using a tool it can’t be fault of the steam and ofc swapping saves is possible and a lot of people do it and the fact that people time to time use different computers to play same game, they change settings a lot, they miss something and boom. Another problem can be created by connection problems. Any player who lost connection with steam while playing(cloud save on) can loose data. These things happens due to power cuts, other connection problems, computer crash problems etc. Not every inexplicable thing is connected to steam. I’m sure there were and will be some mistakes on their part and some player lose things because of them but it’s not the majority of the cases.

Not talking about the old game, but the AE version and the expansions for it. Admittedly the files do seem to be pretty big compared to GD’s and that’s due to the engine, but Steam just doesn’t save them fast enough when you log out of the game so data is lost time and time again.

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Hmm, that problem is also can be related the connection problems of the players again. And even, there are other possibilities also we might miss because we only hear/read the story from player’s perspective and that is mostly biased and uneducated. If steam has a static/unsolvable save problem, every player should notice some little time/data loss time to time, especially after security updates etc. I don’t actually like steam, so I’m not just blindly defending it, those things can happen but as I said, most of the cases people don’t realize some detail they did or they just basically lie about things and blame steam for it. And again as I said, any person who wants to be careful enough should save all files locally and upload them to a trust worthy cloud service atleast once a week.

No, you just have a hard time putting two and two together. The tools require local saves because cloud save screws up and local saves do not.

We learned it the hard way and now the tools no longer allow cloud save usage. They initially did but since there was a never ending stream of screwups, that support was actively removed (because we got tired of being blamed for Steam’s faults and having to walk users through recovering from them - when that was even possible).

why ? There still is a local save file, which incidentally is what the tools changed, so if the connection were lost, Steam could still upload that data once the connection is restored.

Also, at most this would explain losing some progress you made since you lost the connection, but there are instances of complete wipes, ie you are back to an empty stash with one page, even though you had items in it and all pages unlocked, all quests reset so you start in Devil’s Crossing with the first one again, etc.
These are not explained by progress not being saved.

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Look I’m still repeating myself, you’re saying that all data losts are connected to steam, even though there are people who lost data without steam cloud save still. And I’m saying, some of them yes because of steam and the other no, because we don’t experienced the whole thing; just heard from an angry person who just lost all game life. And you’re explaining me back then tools used cloud save, how nice I didn’t know this information but even now I learned it, this doesn’t change the argument because I also said that steam should have improved itself over the time. So you’re defending it because you’re a modder, you make tools or help them to be exist. I’m don’t blame you, anyone who voluntarily changes the main data of any game should prepare himself for any crash or any data lost, any virus or just use your imagination. Quest progress loss? Even though tools don’t use these data, anyone who use a tool saves his data locally by necessity, so how can it be related to steam? Anyway man, okay you’re right, I’m sorry and death to steam! ok?

PS: Sorry for hijacking the thread.

yes, unfortunately you are. I hoped you would have learned from my explanation :wink:

actually, I have not encountered a single one, while there were dozens of issues with cloud save when GD Stash still supported that.

The only ‘data loss’ with local saves I am aware of is when somehow cloud save gets turned on without the user noticing. At which point he no longer sees the local chars, but they all very much still exist. Switching cloud save off again fixes that, nothing actually is lost…

read again, that happened when cloud save was still allowed, it has never happened with local saves

I have nothing against Steam, but I do not defend them against all evidence, plus I probably have a lot more evidence and analysis of the issue (thanks to GD Stash) than you do, so I figured I share that to counter your defense with facts :wink:

Okay thanks for the informations, I’m sure you have more experience on any programme than me though I haven’t encountered any player who lost data without using any tool ever either :slight_smile: So in the next data lost screams we can ask the players which tools they were using or none, and get other informations then make a note all that information to compare them until we get a pattern to find the real problem then we contemplate to detect the main and common reason of those losts. We’ll probably see they all using some kind of tool to modify the game and ofc steam has a problem with those things because it modifies the game! Which is the last thing they want, because it also may be game zipping so yes if you detach your game from steam, the tool will work better. What a divine knowledge! I need a minute. But thanks again I didn’t know the past of the GDstash, now I still won’t use it :slight_smile:

I am sure in most cases the user did use some tool. GD Stash does not modify the game though, it changes the save file (some other tools hook into the game for one reason or another).

If GD Stash writes the data back correctly (which it does, it works flawlessly with local saves and I even checked the data it had written before starting GD when using cloud save, only to see it getting wiped by cloud save when starting GD) and yet that data sometimes gets wiped by cloud save, where would you place the blame ?
As mentioned, this even extends to files of the same char the tool never even reads…

see above, you are completely wrong on what the tool does, so your whole ‘what divine knowledge’ just makes you look foolish

up to you, as they say, ignorance is bliss :smiley:

If the player don’t use any tool at the beginning this problem will most likely never occur, so I trust you when you said cloud save has problem with gdstash or any other problem, I’m sure your knowledge is true; but then you’re only seeing it at the problem occurred but you don’t question what triggerred the problem to occur, which are mostly the tools. I also again will repeat myself. Some player were and will got cloud save problems ofc, as like some player experience bugs and other game issues while the others don’t and they all use the same version. The difference? Their computers, connections etc. So If there is a problem, there maybe more than one problem; and yes sure one of them will be steam on some occassions, and the rest will not. As for the usage of tools, If a player never used any tool but still got the data wiped then blame the steam but what is the ratio of this to all data problems? it won’t be higher than %5. And there are also a huge majority who plays without any problem with steam cloud. So when you take the whole players who uses steam for various games, how many of them do you think had these kind of data loss? %0,1? Maybe double? lol. Good job steam, they’re still not perfect though they should be ashamed of that.

And again; it’s becoming an addiction :rofl: Anyone who wants to control and secure his game data; should save everything locally and upload those files to a trust worthy cloud service atleast once a week.

The thing is we have completely different impression. Mine (and I assume Medea’s) from reading all the threads is that Cloud Saving alone is a frequent cause of data loss not the programs. But I agree to be biased. We would need hard data on that to come to an agreement. I personally think that in 99% cases you can lose data only in two ways

  • Steam Cloud
  • using tools incorrectly

but you have control over the 2nd one.

I also think that if we assume that Steam Cloud is not 100% reliable and back ups are needed then I don’t think using it makes any sense in the first place. But I may be wrong on that and not see its advantages.

it seems to be more frequent with tools, agreed, but there are still cases without tools and there are zero cases with tools and local saves. Overall that still does not look too good for cloud save

no idea, I’d say 50% simply because most people do not use tools…

how many actually use cloud save ? I actually have no idea, does Steam have a statistic for that ?
Why would there ever be a data wipe (as opposed to only recent progress not being saved) ?

So while it could be worse, I don’t think they deserve praise here either. If local save is more reliable, then cloud save has room to improve (and needs to improve)

I agree keep things local and make backups, whether you back up to the cloud or a second disk is up to you :wink:

So the 50 character limit is a Grim Dawn one and not a Steam one? Under Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization for Grim Dawn I see: 11.73 MB stored / 941.94 MB. However, when I try to create a new character I see the error message: You have reached the file limit on Steam’s Cloud Storage for Grim Dawn, you must delete a character before you can create another.

I have stash characters and I eventually wanted to have one of each class combo especially since it looks like there will be a class combo rebalancing. I do not run any mods.

Can the 50 character limit be increased?