More than one swinging animation for Thunderous Strike please

Isn’t that just logical? My character always swings the exact same way. C’mon.

Hey! Animations take a lot of time to rig and other things can be done instead.

I understand some of them aren’t the prettiest or the most flashy but it’s something a lot of us have gotten used to.

Grim Dawn’s other positives makes up for some of it’s negatives. But i understand your problem

I mean the Swinging animation, not the special effects. I think the special effects are great! but the weapon is always swung the same way. If I’m not mistaken, each weapon has multiple animations it uses if one just performs the basic attack, therefor it would be nice to just allow one more or all of those basic attack swinging animations to execute. I’m not requesting that they create all-new animations. Just add the other animations that already exist, instead of always use the exact same one.