More voice feedback from your character

I was curious to know if, in future updates, you guys will add more voiced lines for your PC. To use the initial Burial Hill quest as an example, it would be nice to hear my character say something like “I feel the source of the zombies nearby.” Or have your character audibly say they feel an area is too dangerous when entering places like Smuggler’s Basin or the Depraved Sanctuary. The text prompts that pop up are too easy to miss and break from the immersion. It would add more to the game if your character was fully voiced.

Completely disagree. The developers adding a voice to your character would go completely against the roleplaying aspect of the game.

Imagining the sound of your character’s voice is probably one of the most funny things i can do when i’m reading the dialogue options you can pick for your character and the developers adding a canon voice to your character would destroy that.

Hello It wae very cool in Diablo II too. I remember D2 assassin swying “what I kill stays dead”.
I would agree