Morgoneth build?

i tried with chillwhisper but that was ultra slow… as far as i can see, chillstrife’s doesnt have Attack speed too :confused:

Chillstrifes usually outperforms legendary weapons with one rare affix. The BiS for speed is of Shattering. Alacrity is yellow suffix with attack speed.

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thanks, didnt know that.
i have assassins and spellbreakers ug. chillstrife of attack. are better 2 of same affix/prefix or different?

Can you tell me the attack speed you have? Right now am assembling Morgoneth/Chillstrifes Reaper. I have attack speed of 179%+Barbaros proc and Dying God which will boost it further.

As Chillstrifes your affixes are good but DW melee is very dependant on AS. So something like Chilled of Alacrity (double yellow) might outperform some double green combos without speed.

ApS is 3.04
AS is 1.54
stats are with deathmarked weapons

with chillstrife
ApS is 3.06
AS is 1.55

biggest improvement is that with chillstrife i managed to clear new dungeon without any problems!!!


You should not have any problems - Morgoneth it’s a very powerful set from Reaper.

I am bit puzzled why you don’t use shard of beronath for auto attack. The set works for Shadow strike and Bone harvest build but there you have Soulrend. Soulrend have CDR so it makes nukes more effective and also have higher weapon damage compartment.

Upcoming days will probably post my version and will tag you to see it.

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i did think about that, but i took those two for resistances. this is not a 100% build , but its a good start :slight_smile:
looking forward to see your build :wink:

I have already done this - a very powerful and strong build, but you need gargoyle’s belt to unleash its full potential.

actually i need that belt, and with that belt i can use shard of beronath for AA

You don’t need Beronath as your main AA, use BHarvest or ABB as your main attack - with This set you won’t be able to have a high attack speed anyway.

i use SS atm as primary attack

I’ve been wanting to try this build:
Vitality Biting Blades Cabalist using some Morgoneth pieces.