Morgoneth build?

Anyone gave this a go yet? I want to make one with almost all of Morgo’s items. So that includes the rings and Nightbringer. Did you focus on either one of cold/vit or go for both?

I want to share a GT but its too inaccurate without the new items. I opted to go for a Reaper with Soulrend focusing on cold and using a Gargoyle Waistguard to convert half of the vit to cold. I am wearing all of Morgo’s gear except for Nightbringer. 1pt SS with 12/12 NJE and maxed Nightfall and Bone Harvest while LMB spam skill is ABB.

I am trying this exact build as Reaper with Soulrend. Will test it. Full piano with Scourge strike too.

not yet but i have DW reaper in mind :slight_smile:

Do consider deathchill relic if DW’ing

I am actually trying (but mostly for meme value) Vitality melee Trickster with this new set. It looks sucky on paper (mostly flat damage and just %damage), stats are good, resists are ok, but getting points for everything is a huge huge struggle. I have already assembled it in game, but didn’t have time to test it.

I predict it’s going to fail spectacularly.

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hmm, what about scourge/necrosis?

If you have perfect vit/cold conversion, deathchill is definitely worth considering because you can get ~60 flat damage from the relic alone, and ~150% vit/cold damage, all on top of casting/attack speed.

I guess it all depends on how much you’re relying on %WD-based attacks to kill things, and how high your conversion value is

The higher the dependency, the more likely deathchill is BiS

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lots of fun options

dw reaper is the best imo, i am pushing 5m on it as a bad pilot
soulrend reaper (didnt try nightbringer myself)
i had a surprisingly fun time on trickster with 5x wind devil + 1h ss xD
tried spellbreaker for funsies, its okay but nothing special ofc

I know that @KoS9K are made an perfect reaper witn this set.
If he want (and if you ask him) - he share his build here

thanks for the explanation! gonna try it :slight_smile:

It works vice versa too. For example my vitality Ritualist was very good using this relic since I had virtually 100% elemental to vitality conversion.

But if you tried Soulrend build maybe it’s good idea to use Scourge relic. Scourge strike have big weapon damage and is third nuke along with Bone harvest and Shadow strike.

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Bloodrender + Morgoneth’s set. As I predicted - failed spectaculary. Horribad, as expected from melee Vitality.

So Soulrend Morgoneth reaper works really well. Its basically this build but with Morgo’s items instead and reallocating the points to max out SS and Nightfall. Alkamos’ rings makes the build smoother (total speed and pierce to cold) but Morgo’s rings are more flavorful (tentacle spam).

If I were to go the Vit caster route, I’d definitely use Nightbringer. Necro is the 1st mastery but what would be better to pair with it? Occultist or shaman? At a glance, occultist has more going for it with SoC, Pox and 50% converted DEE.

Imo it will be a dps loss compared to Uroboruuk’s Reaping. First thing is +1 necro. Getting those extra ultimate ranks is a lot of dps. And the proc, of course. 1200 dot. I can’t see how you pass on it as melee.

I dunno…for @nery’s DW ritualist, it was a massive DPS spike

I saw he used it. Did he try necro relic tho? +1 alone gives the final rank on the soul harvest - about half of deathchill flat. And you can use other free skills to hardcap dread - another huge decay source

He did in his first run. We both did.

i tried DW cold build, but it can be better.
used deathmarked claw + decapitator as a weapons, but it feels kinda slow…

I love Chillstrifes so will try it with the set and see how it performs. For auto attacker you need speed since gloves have none so you’re -15% or so from there.

About vitality DW melee, damage with Deathchill is good cause it boosts simultaneously Savagery+WPS skills WD.

This is what i would try

I recently started paying more attention to dots (cause i die facetanking 100%). Having huge dots is so much more forgiving to play.
You get a tad lower WD, yes, but extra 1900 decay for 3 secs should make up for it.

Edit: I just looked at +duration for decay on this build. With so much instant decay sources bosses like Grava would be dealt with “fire and forget” mode instead of facetanking it with huge dps losses. Try it. Or you, @Nery