Morgoneth wind devil ritualist



Not playing much these days but a great patch (super cool new areas,bosses and MIs. Sadly my wildblood character took a hit but she’s still ok, i tried some sr and the character is still strong) is always a great way to reengage with the game. This build was kind of a meme idea because i don’t have the time needed to create a new, more in depth build anymore , so put all morgoneth stuff on a levelled up ritualist, max wind devil and go. And it worked. I didn’t try to make it better or min max(i’m sure there are better setups) since the build (surprisingly) turned out pretty strong. Even though this is a vitality damage dealer the overall effects are more like of a cold damage caster. Also, tentacles for days!



  • Good damage from skills and many procs
  • Tentacles!


  • Low da


Spectral wrath - 27
Devouring swarm - 56
Raise the dead - 24
Ratosh - 25

Total - 132


Standard 2handed vitality caster stuff. Bat , Rattosh, Kraken, Dying god , Revenant are all core devotions. Giant proc for a circuit breaker. Rest is good filler


Max wind devils, wendigo totem as high as it can go for sustain, devouring swarm for rr and storm totem for more damage. Savagery for tenacity of the boar bonuses. Bone harvest as high as it gets for damage, harbinger of souls as an exclusive , mogdrogen’s pact and spectral binding lines for the bonuses. ill omen for damage reduction


All the morgoneth stuff and some good fillers to help boosting skills

I level all my ritualists using ravenous earth / devouring swarm combo with bonespike MI from mountain deeps. If you don’t do that you’re a fool.

Morgoneth cosplay was a success. Go full tentacle mode and crush your enemies!


Morgoneth wind devil ritualist vs lokarr

Morgoneth wind devil ritualist sr 75-76 14.30min