Mortal Shell

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Mortal Shell

Cold Symmetry

RPG, Action, Adventure, Dark Fantasy

Release Date:
TBA (Approx: Q3 2020)

Steam Page Description:
Mortal Shell is a ruthless and deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. As the remains of humanity wither and rot, zealous foes fester in the ruins. They spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision and instincts. Track down hidden sanctums of devout followers and discover your true purpose.

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Didn’t want to mess up the main page (dedicated to game information) so I am using this separate post.

Youtube Algorithm works in mysterious ways. I got this in my recommendations today, thought I should share it with you peeps.


This looks pretty awesome

Hopefully the devs can deliver on whatever has been displayed in the teaser.