Mortality relic should not require Haunted Steel

So this has been bugging me when I started playing my Aether/Vitality focused Spellbinder.
I can use Spectre from level 25, that’s fine… But now I am level 44 and STILL using Spectre.
I could use Mortality from level 35, sure…
Except it requires Haunted Steel.
And that requires TWELVE Chtonic Seals of Binding.
Which you can practically only get after you reach Homestead and do all the quests to proceed to Darkvale. I suppose if I would have time to wast on grind I could spend hours running Salazar’s little hideyhole, but in my experience the enemies there never drop this crafting material.
My problem is, after I reach Level 60 I will start using Impurity. So frankly this means I have run around 10 or more levels with an inferior relic because I have no access to the materials to craft the better one, and will not use that one for much longer either before a better one comes along.


Yeah, I’ve run into that before as well.
An Ectoplasm or Wraith would be more reasonable for this tier.

I felt the same way about the Haunt Relic, even if it has the Haunted Steel partially in the name.

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Considering that mortality is a faction blueprint from malmouth resistance you are able to farm tomb of korvaak before you obtain the blueprint.

Well, sure but given that I have been playing the game since the alpha build, I kinda always go into it with a new character with all the relics unlocked already. Besides, a low level relic like this should not have such a requirement.