Mortar transmuter for pet scaling

There is a distinct lack of variety in summoner builds, with Conjurer being the only serious contender. As I’ve looked around in older posts, I’ve seen that Mortar Trap used to scale with pet bonuses in the past. I can see how the skill was in an awkward spot and that changing it made it more viable in general.

However, my suggestion is to add a transmuter to the skill to allow it to scale with pet bonuses once again. This would open up two new summoner class combinations, with Occultist/Demolitionist being a particularly appealing fire-themed one.

Any thoughts on this?

It’s things like

…with Conjurer being the only serious contender.

which I think makes it hard for other people to take threads like this seriously. For example, apparently Manifestation, a pet-based transmute from Arcanist, is either not working as expected (and needs to be more properly understood) or is bugged. Unfortunately, people wouldn’t know because not enough people play these kinds of builds in first place. It’s not even a question of whether these builds work or not, since based on the new builds you actually see on the Classes and Builds section, people are constantly discovering new ways to make different builds work and even excel.

So what incentive would there be for making changes like this?