Most bullshit Nemesis/boss gear

You know that feeling? The euphoria of finding that one item you were looking for, after killing those damn 10 billion goblins to find it… Only to see that RNGesus has a new pal. Maybe it’s Fabius the edgelord. Maybe it’s Brother Segarius back at it again refusing to take Fire damage seriously. In any case, your favorite shiny item is in the hands of your worst enemy.
Here you can now post what are the most stupidly powerful items you saw drop from a Nemesis, Hero or Main Campaign boss.
The rules:

  • Champions and other normal mobs do not count.
  • Screenshots are better but you can always just write the name of the weapon (plus eventual affixes) if you don’t have them.
  • The items you show can be anything from pieces of armor to weapons of any class.
  • Try to post items that are genuinely powerful, or alternatively sinergize with that particular boss incredibly well (like Fabius spawning with a weapon with high % Pierce dam)
    I look forward to seeing what RNGesus “blessed” you with!
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Don’t know if it fits but i’ll post it anyway.

My most traumatising memory of WYSIWYG is levelling a Bleed build for the first time and getting Ultimate Kilrian with this shield. Guy was harder than some Kymon/Korvaaks I’ve had.

I’ve never had to pull Aether Clusters out while levelling up until this happened.


Oh man, awesome post idea!

Im excited to see what people share!

Jesus, 75% on top of him being undead… that is brutal.

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Oh yeah, tell ME about it! Not only this bastard was nigh unkillable, but also was wrecking Evil_Baka’s char with that retaliation!

And I know that feel, too. Got Zarthuzelan spawn with some hero skeleton that had Crest of the Black Legion shield equipped. My Guardians decided to attack him and after a second I was losing my shit not knowing why my health diminishes SO RAPIDLY!

I feel really sorry for Evil_Baka =(


A long time ago I was running a fire/burn Pyro and Gargabol dropped a ring with fire resist on both prefix and suffix.

The fight took forever and I throughout the fight I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong… And I had been farming him a number of previous times. I took it as a sign to take a break :rofl:

This was way back when I was testing clairvoyant warlock in the test build. Fabius wrecks me a few times before I kill him and he drops his notched bone :smile:

We’re starting off strong I see :rofl:
I gotta admit rolling Kilrian with a 75% Bleed res+Legendary item-level retal is out of this world even for me!
Can only imagine how much fun the fight must have been :upside_down_face:

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Maybe it’s me but Fabius gotta be trolling us all.
He sold his soul to Zantai for more power and keeps getting ridiculous weapons at twice the rate every other humanoid Nemesis does, I just fought him thrice and got Notched Bone, Empowered Flamebrand and another Notched Bone :smile:

Imagine this, but it’s the reflective undead hero with a physical build. Hitting it while its reflect was up would remove half of my health.

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My extremely glassy Darkblaze Pyro got hit with this. Took about 90% of my health away.

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Holy Cthon. RNGesus must have been on a REALLY bad day that time :laughing:

This beauty caused some one-shot deaths from Lokarr :neutral_face:.


That must have been a bitch!

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