Most Flashy/OP build

As the title says that’s what im looking for this is only my second character and my first doesn’t have much on it and isn’t really all that high level, however, i dont care if i have to do a lot of farming etc. to get this running… i just want flashy/op as fuck lol

You have to be a bit more specific.
Do you want some fast and furious assassin type like this
Or slower but indestructible tank type like this or this

Or something in between or some caster, ranged or pet build?

Something in between and preferably melee?

Than this is my best shot, tho its bit more caster :wink:

Thanks! I’ll try it out.

2h elementalistis good. Level with primal strike, switch to savagery later on. Very solid w/o items and has lots of lightning shit, pretty insane with late game items. Primal strike is bugged atm sadly, but there are other ways to level and it’ll probably be fixed soon

Saboteur is flashiest/coolest melee build imo at least once you get the items, not so much w/o em =x Easy to get decent gear for them though and a nice chunk of the gear is craftable so you could get materials for the stuff and have someone craft for you which most people do for no cost in my exp. see here for example of flashiness :stuck_out_tongue:

A burn type commando could be cool too. Can be quite tanky and have a lot of fire procs going. See here

Is that the elemental seeker proc?

Yessir, it is super cool imo. Does some decent aoe too and you can leech off of it a bit

I’ll also vouch for 2H Elementalist for flashy shit you can access relatively early while being great all-around.

Funny thing is I came up with my devotion setup independently of jajaja but it ended up looking almost exactly the same (even the 1 point in Revenant). Only differences are Sailor’s Guide instead of Eel and Empty Throne instead of Falcon. Get the Arbiter relic ASAP, the granted skill helps a lot in many situations.

How does the 2h elementalist from jajaja fair for a newbie with zero stash? I’ve read that it is difficult to get the ultos set… is it optimal to play it without the items?

It works just fine without items, I took a 2h ele through hardcore ulti with potato items.

Side note that primal strike is bugged right now therefore making the leveling a lot different. Probably be better to level as a demo with fire strike (explosive strike now works on melee) or as a caster with canister bomb, fireblast, etc

Thanks for the fast reply! But oh damn primal strike is bugged?

Would playing a DEE witch hunter be better right now? like or an assassin like this

can’t find any other newbie friendly guide…

I wasn’t remembering properly primal should work fine with melee. The issue is that the torrent aoe part of it spawns from the player instead of the enemy hit, if you’re ranged you simply won’t get a torrent. Shouldn’t be an issue for melee

DEE Hunter’s are quite solid w/o gear. Just be warned they are a bit on the squishy side so no playing like a crazy person :stuck_out_tongue: My devotion setup definitely helps with the being squishy part though. Their aoe is excellent, built in dash, and good single target damage. Plus they become monsters with gear

Honestly not sure how good tricksters are w/o the gear lategame.

So I could still use the 2h elementalist build? Because its melee right?

I suggest a completely different leveling strategy for 2H Elementalist than what anyone else has suggested.

Start with Devouring Swarm. Put points in it until it becomes energy intensive. Then rush to 10 Shaman mastery points to unlock Briarthorn. By this time you should have killed the Reanimator boss and unlocked the Spirit Guide. Transfer all points from Devouring Swarm to Briarthorn. Max Briarthorn. Unlock and max Wendigo Totem while letting your pet kill everything along the way.

With Wendigo Totem maxed, you are ready to start melee with almost zero worries of getting killed (for now). You can transfer all your points from Briarthorn to Primal Strike/Thunderous Strike. Torrent is bugged (as mentioned before). It’s not even worth 1 point now IMHO. Primal Strike is energy intensive though so you would need to wear caster chest + headgear, which is less safe than heavy armor. You’ll also need to chug a lot of energy potions.

Alternatively, you can get 8/10 in Feral Hunger and put the rest of the points into Savagery. This has less DPS and AoE than Primal Strike/Thunderous Strike (for now) but you can wear heavy armor instead and have no energy issues. Remember to max Might of the Bear as well.

After maxing either PS/TS or Savagery, get 10 points into Demo to unlock Searing Light and put 1 point into it. Then max Flashbang. Flashbang’s DA reduction will mean crits galore at this stage.

Rush to Blast Shield in Demo and put maybe 8 points in it. Continually upgrade your weapon while doing this to increase your DPS.

Spend two points to unlock High Potency.

After this, you should have all the key mastery skills for defense:

  • Flashbang for damage prevention
  • High Potency for physical damage reduction
  • Blast Shield for damage reduction
  • Might of the Bear for physical damage reduction (if using Savagery)
  • Wendigo Totem for healing
  • Feral Hunger for healing (if using Savagery)

At this point you can progress as you see fit until your build somewhat resembles jajaja’s. I would put 1 point into Blood Pact for more healing. Remember to put a Riftstone on your weapon at some point for the Chaos Strike skill.

Devotion-wise you can unlock Falcon Swoop then Elemental Storm then Reckless Tempest. Then you can probably figure out what to do next on your own. :cool: