Most popular Class Combos?

Lol it threw me off a bit. Thanks @eisprinzessin for the maintenance work!

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Expand this FAQ item (after expanding this quote or going to that post) for a summary:

Or refer to @Dilrakai’s screenshot for details:

I wonder if we will get a similar ranking again, or if the final balance patches will favor other dual-classes.


How do you find these number out? Do you just scan everyones Cloud characters?

No, this is a forum feature. Discourse is counting clicks automatically. Each link has its own counter. So, the popularity displayed in this screenshot reflects what visitors of the post are looking for.

Ah ok. Haven´t visited the forum in a while, I belive 1 year after forgotten gods launched was the last time. I didn´t knew that was a thing.
But then again, while people are most likely clicking on it, this isn´t really indicitive of what people like to play.
I´ve looked up alot of different builds and even “made” some myself in the Grimtools website but in the end, i kinda only had fun with the ones i didn´t needed to look up and had so much fun with the concept alone (Darkblaze Dual wield Pyromancer is my favorite) that i just kept playing with that and changing on the run without even wanting to look something up.
So i wouldn´t read to much into it personaly.

@eisprinzessin I wasn’t being sarcastic by saying thanks, I mean it. I just got a laugh out of the new most ‘popular’ class combos and thought I’d share.

Blademaster isn’t over 9000 clicks, obviously the “poll” is wrong/blademaster button is malfunctioning :triumph:


I got that - at least I think so :thinking: - but sometimes I can be a bit of a party killer. You are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the reasons I had not immediately updated the class table was to retain the counts. So, when I actually did it, I wanted to retain some of the information. And I felt this thread was a great opportunity to share those results.

Absolutely. With Zantai’s help I was able to polish the tags page yesterday, so that we have all sorts of rankings of what our builders post. While there is some matching data, Conjurer is far more popular than Warlord or Death Knight, and Deceiver got more attention from them as the class table would have suggested.

It’s obviously totally skewed by the preferences of a few individuals, but maybe some of you find it still useful.

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It is interesting how this is progressing after a week. Seems some might be going for the Badge (not even I am that psychotic yet in HC)… totally different results from prior to your update. Interestingly high results on the single Masteries as well. Everyone seems to like a good immortal (Warlord / Warder :slight_smile: ) And of course, everyone wants to be Shredder :slight_smile: .

It might be interesting to keep track of this over weeks / months, particularly pre/post

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Honestly, the reason why i have a warder is because i love the idea of people hitting me and dying combined with those litghning effects.