Most sadly moment in game experience...

Sorry, but i must write this topic…

I play in GD with my friend from 3 years. Mostly we create together characters, visit new content ( after expansion ), run a dungeon’s etc…

My friend have a one item, that he can’t get for his main character. This item is 1 ring from Alkamos. We do many runs together, and he solo SoT hmm… i think… maybe hundred times. He have very bad luck - he drops 3x the same part of set, and can’t drop second ring to complete set.

Yesterday, i back to home afternoon, and tell to him: " Come on, we go for Your ring! " …

And… YES! We killed Alkamos and he dropped for ME a second ring for my friend !

He can’t belive it, when i say it on TS… he think i’m joking… He belived, when i write item on chat. He explode with a happy! I want to click TRADE to him and… my screen is freezing… yes… freeze and… CRASH ! Grim Dawn has crashed! WE CAN’T BELIVE IT !!! After restart of game i logged and in my inventory i have all items… but… yes… but NO ALKAMOS RING !!!

This is a MOST sadly moment in my game experience ever - and i want to ASK: WTF happen with this game after FG expansion ?? I’ve never have crashe’s before it, now this is game is a fu**** russian roulette! After this situation, i really don’t want to play this game in near future… Sadly to say…



You have my sympathy.

But…since they say misery likes company, I have an anedote for you.

A few years ago in PoE, I found something I had been looking for for quite a while and while I was doing a happy dance, some neglected mob killed my HC character.

Cheer up.

Wow that is a rough turn of events. Sorry to hear it!

If I could tally up all the times I was playing a game and got a sweet item but it suddenly crashed on me, it’d be in the hundreds. I’ve been playing video games / PC games forever. I used to encounter those kinds of problems back in the day when I was playing Legend of Zelda or Vectorman, except instead of the game crashing the problem would be that I died before a save point, lol. Vectorman used to crash a lot though

{{vibes}} OP