Move to destroys objects with guns

Could you add a range to this, so that it doesn’t feel super awkward to play guns if you don’t cut this off? Like, it will only destroy objects if in melee range, even when wielding a gun.

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turn off “move to destroys with objects” when playing with gunners? - just like turning off gore on pox builds is sorta more ideal

for me it would be rather annoying to have to go in melee range to destroy stuff on a gunner,
i’d suspect it could also be “dangerous” to get forced into closer range at times :thinking: - like enemies being behind a door where there is then 0 distance benefit right after “opening” it to let them out

When you are playing a caster with guns and you don’t have an ability to break doors or buttons to put basic attack on, that becomes less of an option. breaking options from a distance is way more often death than bad guys hiding behind doors.

Melee is a way better life saver than not. Also, if you are playing a glass cannon gun build that can’t survive opening doors from melee, then you are probably using a skill that can destroy doors, so you could always left click them.

no? literally, because you can break the stuff with move to still: hold down stationary attack button…

in what way/where?

You can hold the stand still button and destroy the things, sure. Use your attack skill to break stuff. But if you’re in combat with a boss or going through a room, and you mouse over an object, even if you are not in LoS, you will stop in place and shoot at it to try and break it. This will cause you to get hit by boss/monster mechanics that you were trying to dodge.

never in my life tried that
and i most definitely/personally wouldn’t want a rework of the moveto for it; specially since you have the solution at your fingertips still
either turn of move to break objects while playing gunners, or use force move while moving

unsure if my response comes off as rude, but suppose my “point” is more that your issue seems to stem from inexperience/not actually being familiar with the available features already? - because the game already does exactly what you want, at the flick of a button

I know the features (almost 3k hours in game) and this is why I have my complaint here. There is no reason to have move to break objects from range. In melee, it kicks the doors open. If you turn it off, you have to bind a button to attack to open doors if you are a gun caster. Your response isn’t coming off as rude, but ignorant, as if you don’t have enough time played in the game to really understand what you are talking about. “I want to destroy doors from a distance because what is behind it will kill me” when you are fighting any boss, especially the super bosses, and accidental mouse over a destroyable object, you are frozen in place to attempt to break the object, even if it is on the other side of a wall or out of LoS. The engine doesn’t support a smart feature of ‘won’t attempt to break unless in range/los’ so making it a melee only feature makes the most sense for this (or at least have an option for it)

I’m still trying to think of any scenario where I would want to destroy an object from range. Maybe act 1? That’s about it.

i have over 5k hours played at this time probably :smile:

every box, crate, urn so you don’t have to needlessly walk in case there is no loot
every door there might be enemies behind like Kaisan etc in the crypts you get less bumrushed/have a starting range advantage of, which might be a small benefit, but is a benefit

meanwhile, i don’t remember many bossrooms where there are doors/breakables in the boss arena itself to interrupt us as you claim, tho i might ofc not be paying attention like you do/have a different boss playstyle and facetank more etc

*when i say i have over 5k hours, this is an estimate based on my steam 2500 online playtime, and then parts i tried to manually “count” after switching to offline/GoG, where i stopped estimating things after 4k hours over a year ago, “slap on 1000h a year guess as avg”

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