Muling tips

ok i am new to this game so please bear with me.

I searched for tips on muling but find nothing. There are some apps to make stash bigger but they all seem to have bugs and lose items.

The hard thing in GD is that u cant just go to your stash with new mules, u have to kill Reanimator to get the gates open. Here’s how i do it, if anyone has better ideas please say…

  1. Leave town straight ahead on the main road from the bridge, killing zombie guys who get in the way. Go into 3rd house on the left.

  2. In the 2nd room there is a corpse which always pops a green gun Francis Gun and also Francis Note + some other crap. Use the gun to stay ranged.

  3. Go back out to the main road and always stay to the right after that on the way to the 1st portal. This avoids a hero guy coming out of the ground with loads of skellies. Its just a mule so we dont need xp.

  4. Fight to the cave and kill the undead and the aetherial crystal thing. You dont have a choice, theres too many and the crystal regen life so its hard to get enough shots at it before the skellies make u move.

  5. The Re-animator fight is a pain but with a gun u can pick off enough of the undead spawns to get shots at the Reanimator. Do that when u can but dont let the skellies get too many. Dont take hits either, kite around and lok for openings to shoot him.

Once hes dead portal to town, talk to Capt and u can go thru gate to stash.

You get to about lvl 5 doing this, so u could choose a class that has a skill useful to gun, i dont bother just in case i wanna play the char some time but it would speed up the fights in the cave.

If anyone has any better ways please say. Muling is a bit painful in this arpg but its prob meant to be. Why not just have a big stash? Its SP game and its my pc, I can decide how big a disc i wanna use for GD :wink:

waiting for people to discus the copying and naming scheme of the stash file

Google is your friend.

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Stash Management tools in Utilities and Resources section.

I Google stuff all teh time - ofc. This time I search using the GD forum search using term “mule” and none of those threads came up. Dunno why. But anyway…

Some of those are renaming game files, some using someone else to join a game and rush the mule.

The apps do the same, they rename files and its not reliable so as i said i dont wanna do that. i want to find fastest legit way to get a mule not hack the game. And I dont have a friend who plays GD to rush with.

Or (best) get Crate to allow gigantic stash!!! :slight_smile:

If you want real muling (this is what I do)

Go ahead killing what you meet in the road (Level 2) pick Demolitionist get 1 point in Stun Jack 1 Point in Fire Strike. If you go get the Francis Gun it is even easier but I have done it with Crude Mace quite often.

Kill stuff on your way there you should be level 3 when you enter the cave and level 4 once you are done killing the Crystal. This is 6 Mastery Point drop them all in Stun Jack.

Usually Reanimator will go down in 2 or 3 Jack cast if you are near enough it is honestly stupidly easy.

If not get Crucidle I heard that a character that did log in Crucible automaticly have acces to the chest.

losing items pretty much does not happen for any of the apps, ever.

What can happen, at least from my experience, is that the changes made to the files by the apps are being ignored by GD when you use cloud save and get lost. Never had an issue with local saves.

The hard thing in GD is that u cant just go to your stash with new mules, u have to kill Reanimator to get the gates open. Here’s how i do it, if anyone has better ideas please say…

sounds reasonable enough, never tried it, never will

Either copy the transfer.gst/gsh file to a different dir and have more space that way or use one of the tools. Both are vastly superior to mules imo (you can change the stash while your char is in game for one, time for another)

GD search is uhm not the best.

Google search use this: mules

I can vouch for mamba’s app. I have not lost anything using it, though I only use it non-Cloud save.

I read the threads for the apps a while back and got to one where the guy says"I chose this app cos theres less people saying they lost items" (not exact words).

I thought… “less”? If he said “NO people losing items” I might have tried it, but anyway…

I’ve seen this go bad in other games. You swap out files and it all looks good then - - expansion hits, changes the file format and all the files that were not part of a real character cant be read now. I dont really wanna risk that.

Definitely understandable concerns. I will say that the devs have been very good at passing this information along during the development cycle where they did change the way they stored information. This caused a little hiccup, but nothing that really stopped anything. This has been a non-issue since the games release.

I doubt the devs will change how the format is saved, but it is possible. If they did, based on past times, they will communicate that.

As always, never a guarantee.

Also, I passed along all that info in case any of it might be useful to you.
If my post was a bit terse, my apologies!

It was very useful, thanks - likewise if I seemed a bit ratty, my apologies for that too. Actuully I was more worried that I was asking a dumbass question lol.

And thanks to Kralw for thoughts on improving the way of making mules. All makes sense, ty.

If you already had some interest in Crucible DLC get that and you don’t have to kill the Reanimator! I did that when it was on sale last week and I actually enjoy it both for muling and for a challenge arena.

For Muling I use a system like the Dewey Decimal System breaking things down into 10 categories and then each 10 categories can I have 10 subcategories which means infinite possibilities to further break down.

I don’t actually use numbers of course regarding Dewey Decimal. But say you get full of “ranged weapons” now break down into more categories of Mules (2 hand ranged and 1 hand ranged) etc etc…

Ahhhhh I see - you can go in crucible and talk to stash guy without killing anything. Of course, brilliant!!! So obvious once you hear it!

It is only the guy who told me that a week ago that was the brilliant one!

Well, now I feel dumb.


yeah, don’t believe everything you read on the internet :wink:

I am not aware of anyone who lost items because of any of the apps, some people might have lost items by them screwing up though

But but but utilities and mods are cheating! Why make inventory management easy and reliable when mules are legit? GD Purist 100%.

Yeah I feel dumb too!

And re PTW… you got a point! But at £3 for crucible when i bought it… its kinda pay-not-very-much-to-win lol
edit - i know u were not serious :slight_smile:

I kind of agree. Esp if its as easy as going into crucible. But i thk Crate should allow us to choose stash size or just give us easy way to store stuff even for ppl who dont have crucible.