Multilingual Discussion

Ah, I’m translating Japanese into English on a translation site, so it took time to write and I didn’t know you made your own thread.
+1 to your Necro buff thread.

I lived in japan for a year (chiba), but have forgotten a lot of my japanese

EDIT: Maybe if you typed in hiragana and avoided using kanji, I may be able to understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I lived in Chiba for about 20 years. (Now living in Sapporo)
Come and visit Japan again!(ぜひ、またにほんにあそびにきてね!):wink:
PS: Excuse me, Thread Jack.



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I remember, during a japanese exam once, I forgot the word “tango,” so I took a guess, and wrote “manko” instead.

I got yelled at by my teacher because he didn’t believe that I was just guessing on an exam.

@xOMOCHIx - also, holy cow, your english is :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Your Japanese is perfect. :smile: (あなたの にほんご は かんぺきです)

And thank you! Google Translate is definitely better than my English
Sometimes it is wrong, but forgive me.

If I were there, I would have laughed without worrying about the woman’s
Well, Japanese is difficult. There are many difficult words even for me as a Japanese.

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aaahhhh…shimano sensei. The man was a legend.

So many strange things happened in that class. My favorites were…:

  1. ラジオ体操 - like wtf. He made us do this for 5 minutes at the start of each class
  2. On the last day of school, he wanted to give us a treat and let us watch godzilla. But I’m pretty sure he left a porn CD in there, because when the audio started up it sounded like moaning. He also turned bright red, left the classroom, and never returned
  3. How he was NEVER late. I understand that’s part of 日本文化, but this guy was something else. He braved a blizzard to get to class on time.

You seem to have had a very good time with good friends in Japan.:wink:

“ラジオ体操” is like a traditional Japanese event, which is surely experienced by all children and many people do to maintain their health even when they are grown up.
Young people don’t do much, but instead it’s more popular to go to the gym and do body makeup.

知っている. でも、しまのせんせいはアメリカの高校せんせいです

So it was just odd going to an american highschool, and being made to do those exercises in the hallway, and have everyone stare at you. :rofl:

It wasn’t until 4 years later did I decide to study abroad in Japan at 神田外語大学

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Stop showing off your bilingual skills, people!!!


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These people speaking two or three languages, it’s impressive! Now English is my second language, isn’t completely bad, right? I also study German in school and was very good at it, but don’t remember much now. Also know some words in Russian but not really can write.

That’s little off topic, sorry. But our man @sir_spanksalot is full of surprises! How Kawai. :wink:


An impressive display! Но зато я говорю по русски.


Well there are lot of Russian players in the forum. Also Russian discord is popular, right? But is always better to know English language in international forum. Translating software can help you a little but you will lose the point eventually.

Разбира се, на мен ми е най-лесно да пиша на български. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ummmm. I speak cebuano (southern filipino language), tagalog/filipino (the national language), english, I know cyka blyat so I guess I speak russian, I know Cao ni ma so chinese counts, and I know hijo de puta so spanish counts too. That’s 6 languages. Get on my level scrubs


Knowing one word doesn’t count for knowing a language. :rofl:

So my dad’s chinese is atrocious. To the point where I’ll leave the room if he starts speaking it in front of a stranger. And that’s saying something because I’m not a person who gets embarrassed easily.

One day my sister makes a wager with him. She bet a 100 bucks that he can’t write 10 different chinese characters (worth noting that he can’t even write his own name in chinese).

What he did was write 1 - 10 in chinese. IMO. that has to be the quickest 100 dollars anyone has ever lost.

Qu’est-ce que tu viens juste de dire sur moi petite salope ? je te ferais savoir que je suis sorti premier de ma classe dans la légion étrangère, et j’ai participé à de nombreuses attaques surprises contre Al-Quaeda, j’ai plus de 300 victimes confirmées. Je suis entrainé aux tactiques de gorilla et je suis le meilleur sniper de toutes les forces armées françaises. Tu n’es rien de plus qu’une autre cible. Je te ferais disparaitre de cette putain de planète avec une précision jamais-vue auparavant, souviens-toi de mes putains de paroles. Tu peux pense que tu peux t’en sortir après avoir dit de la merde sur moi sur Internet? Réfléchis-bien, enculé. Au moment où nous parlons je contacte mon réseau d’espions à travers le globe et ton IP se fait tracer en ce moment même alors prépare toi à la tempête, vermine. La tempête qui va balayer cette pathétique petite chose que tu appelles ta vie. T’es putain de mort gamin. Je peux être n’importe où, n’importe quand, et je peux te tuer de plus de sept-cent manières, et cela juste à mains nues. Je suis non seulement très entrainé au combat à main nue, mais j’ai aussi accès à l’arsenal entier de l’Armée de Terre de la République et je l’utiliserai à son maximum pour rayer ton petit cul du continent, espèce de petite merde. Si seulement tu avais su la vengeance impie qui t’attendait grâce à ton petit commentaire “malin”, peut être tu aurais fermé ta gueule. Mais tu ne l’a pas fait, non tu ne l’a pas fait, et maintenant tu en paye le prix, putain d’abruti. Je vais te chier dessus jusqu’à ce que tu te noies dedans.

T’es putain de mort, gamin.

So your dad isn’t chinese? Cause I thought singapore is majority chinese but people just speak english for the lols.

He is chinese. Which is why it’s embarrassing