Multiplayer content?

Hello there, SO I was wondering, if there is any content maybe at end game level, designed for multiplayer game? Like. maybe an arena? Or maybe certain bosses/areas that are too tough to go alone.

I am new to GD, been hosting multiplayer games, and its so much fun. But I think would be cool, if there were certain areas, or gameplay modes, more designed for multiplayer games. Or some type of PvP. I see you can enable PvP, but I have yet to see why it would have any reason…unless there is more that I am not aware of.

Nope. Grim Dawn is a SP game with basic MP added for “fun” basically. :wink:

Edit… Mind you, have a look at the mods and see if there’s anything in there

Closest thing is Crucible and that’s DLC. In the main game there’s nothing for multiplayer.