Multiplayer difficulty/scaling

Hi !

I started Grim Dawn a few weeks ago (i am really interested in the next DLC), and i have been recently talking with my friends about playing together when the DLC come, but now that i am playing with one of them something seems really off with the scaling, we have hit ultimate and the monsters HP are litteraly melting and we are starting to fear the difficulty scaling if we play at 3 or 4 players.
Is this normal? Is there even a scaling per player? I can’t encourage my two other friends to buy the game if we are just going to destroy it… :frowning:

I remember people saying multiplayer is easy as fuck. Are you sure you have capped resists?

The game is mainly single player with some multiplayer added on so the balance is around the single player game.

This mod may help.

Highly recommend what medea said linked.The mod is still in progress but it wont touch your campaign
so dont worry if he updates it later on ,your characters will still play normally.A complete turnaround for MP games of GD.
Also the work on the bosses new tactics are beautiful but as i said he is still working on it and other project so keep an eye on that thread.

I just saw a post about the multiplayer scaling ( i should have looked a bit more before posting) and if the numbers are true it is between 17/11% more HP and some CC resists per players which is extremely low compared to other arpg like PoE, too low to keep the fun i personnally think. I guess this is not going to change with the next DLC?

This mod seems to be exactly what we are looking for, i will look into it, i’m having fun playing singleplayer but that would be cool to play in a party. Perhaps the only downside i see is that i’m already using (and still learning to use) GDStash and Grim Internal and that is starting to be a lot of modifications to the base game.

The next DLC may potentially have it harder if you were to jump-start using the tokens to launch a new character into ultimate difficulty. MP might be more challenging until fully geared or nearing 100.

(just guessing)

Due to aura stacking and non linear enemy scaling, the enemies become more difficult if you are 2 players but less difficult once you reach 4.

People are misunderstanding OP. He/She is saying multiplayer is too easy.
OP is worried if they bring in more friends the game will be trivialized.

I concur. Many players I know concur. Please, come out of the woodwork and admit that the health scaling for monsters in ultimate and elite is a joke it’s so low.

Um … this has never been a secret. I assumed Crate didn´t care to make multiplayer fun, because GD is mainly a singleplayer game.
But yeah, mp is a joke, especially in elite and ultimate. Playing with 3-4 strong characters is frustrating. A well geared character probably deals more than twice the needed dmg to beat most content, so in mp the character with the most run speed gets to kill shit, the other players just try to keep up and loot.
What fun.

Hopefully at least Shattered Realm will have proper mp scaling. :undecided:

Actually I believe it’s an artifact back from late vanilla or early AoM where at some point the community complained it was too hard. Back in original vanilla, monsters gained about ~50% more effective hp per player as opposed to the current ~18%. If enough people complain about it, we got a shot.

A lot of people find it fun as it currently is, or at least used to.

+1 complain

Been playing with my mate a lot recently and we lost the motivation to keep doing so quite fast

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You summed up what i was trying to say, english not being my first language i may have been a bit vague, sorry.


I don’t play mp so my comment might be of little merit but with I’m quite confident saying that +18% hp per extra player is certainly not enough to make things interesting.

No it needs to be at least 40%. Maybe more if you’re considering the sharing of auras/buffs.

I’ve made a strong argument for increased multiplayer difficulty multiple times:

The single player power scaling has increased since multiplayer difficulty was nerfed. Forgotten God’s will add even more slight power creep and make getting good gear much easier

Considering the buffs to player side stuff AND the increased ease in acquiring gear, the game is overall easier and more accessible to new and unskilled players.

Thus there’s no reason NOT to improve multiplayer difficulty. Even if you made monsters get 90% effective hp per player it’d still be a lot faster in multiplayer than with friends. (Not what I’m requesting)

And then the second argument is that the players remaining interested in GD so long after it was release are generally more involved/knowledgeable players anyway, and thus generally appreciate a challenge. Tell your friends to come give their opinion too. I don’t know anyone who’s actually against making MP less faceroll.

I was also wondering something else, currently the end-game of Grim Dawn is “capped” in his contents which, i guess, somewhat limit the effectiveness of party play but with Forgotten Gods and the Shattered Realm that is endless this limit no longer apply, a 4-man party will only suffer a total of 49% HP increase compared to singleplayer, just imagine the difference of rewards between the two… While we will now have challenge since the mobs scale infinitely, will it not this time trivialise too much the hunt for loot and make most of the other contents utterly useless if we play with friends?

Hoping i was a minimum comprehensible this time !

Well the thing with shattered realm is that monster damage is still scaling nifty high. Can’t very well progress if a boss is one shotting you with an undodgeable bolt.

Need to fix the MP crashes.
Its been crap for a long time with game not able to handle players well.
and never found GD difficult at any point with MP.
unless one play a glass cannon.

+1 campaign should be harder in MP.

With 4 players on a server each one can go kill stuff on their own without too much of a hassle.
On 4 player dungeon runs it’s often pretty boring. Beating someone up who’s already down is no fun, so I usually just watch the mindless violence while opening chests and cracking boxes. :stuck_out_tongue: