Multiplayer Game Hosting on GOG (please read)

Ok, so I need y’alls help.
I can not seem to get barely anyone into my games when hosting and the ones I do get all say “lag”. To get your basic questions out of the way. I have tried everything the Forum post about multiplayer suggests. I am playing on GOG. I have 1gb internet down and 85mb up (it’s comcast xfinity though). My router lists Grim Dawn in the UPnP section. Network tests in game all passed. If anyone can genuinely get me to figure out what is going I will post w/e information you need on this thread :slight_smile: .

Have you and your friends tried resetting the modem and router? Sorry only thing I can think off. I know I do it from time to time and it helps.

Also, do you have anyone on the router watching Netflix or playing other games? That can slow you down as well.