Multiple Mod Integrations

So I’ve come to the realization that I’m a little disappointed as I mod my games. I spend a ton of time to add in the elements that I want to see in my games, and then I come onto the forums and realize that people are developing way larger mods or have plans for some other cool stuff as well.

Did anyone in the TQ mod community ever develop a mod merger program that allowed you to see if you’d overwrite mod specific entries if you tried merging two mods together so that you could load whatever cool elements you wanted to into the game?

For instance: I’ve got a mod now with a bunch of cool legendaries and weapons affects. But I see people are developing their own masteries as well and other things that would make gameplay more fun.

Has anyone started to think about this yet as we’re all mad dashing trying to mod what we want into the game? I’m a little hesitant to go all out modding because i know at some point I’m going to want to invest the time to drive through a mod gameworld that someone else put together besides my paltry mod infused weapon entries.

I don’t know if anyone ever developed a merger program but I think all of us should keep in mind that we should make mods as merge friendly when we are creating them.

Example: Building a new mastery? Don’t use the preexisting extra class directories. Create your own that should be fairly unique. Don’t add entries to existing files like the stuff in text_en. Create your own files.

That way if someone likes your mod enough and wishes to merge it with another there will be far less work for them to do as far as updating things goes.