Multiple Women Accuse Games Writer Chris Avellone Of Sexual Misconduct

it is always heartbreaking when awesome video games writers succumb to the worst parts of human desires. this won’t be good for the future of lore-heavy rpg genres.

Some time before the release of Pillars of Eternity II, Chris Avellone gave an interview on RPG Codex, bashing Obsidian over the circumstances of his departure. At the time, I gave Obsidian the benefit of the doubt since we didn’t get their side of the story. Now I’m starting to wonder if they were others reasons for his departure.

If I had to guess, probably not for the reasons you are imagining and reading that snippet would seem to corroborate that. A normal person that got canned for “shameful” behavior normally wouldn’t go out of their way to put the conversation before the public - even if they purposefully dont mention those aspects. The less that people are looking at it, usually the better.

Honestly, yeah he’s clearly gotta drinking problem and it’s easy to imagine women are into you when you’re liquored up. About all I’m seeing with this is your standard drunk guy who thinks he can pull above his league.

Is he a bit of a handsey drunk asshole? Looks that way but otherwise it appears that the standard MeToo movement is trying to act like he’s the worst guy in the world but it’s clear he was just a regular drunk guy who ultimately stopped when push came to shove. A Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, or Jeffrey Epstein he is not.

True. Without defending him or downplaying his actions, he did gave an apology on Twitter unlike those you mentioned.