Murder in the City! Build: 0.7.5f

Not sure if its a bug, one of my villagers are going around the city murdering others. How do I stop him? This one villager just murdered 19 of my citizens before stopping. Activating the soldiers in the Fort did nothing. The soldiers just walked passed the killer to the dropped flag location.

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I click the offending citizen and send him away to cool off. If that doesn’t work, I have him go keep an eye on a wolf den. :wink:


lol, I will try that, thanks.

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That is hysterical!


cough need a sheriff and jail cough

You can try not serving beer, or not making it even. The long walk works too, but you have to be careful to select only the offending character, and not someone that he is fighting with. What I do is, since you can’t make him work, make him explore.

Actually I avoided building a pub in my latest map for similar reasons… town folk were running around drunk rather than working. I do have a brewery though but I sell all my beer to traders. This brings up the issue of needing more building types that improve desirability. There are really only a handful. Would be nice to have more ways to do this. I’ve recently built a zillion parks and gardens. What about a library? A museum? A coffee shop? A restaurant?

Ooooo… a restaurant!!! I think they even had those during this look alike period… what did they call them? Oh, I think it was… Pubs :rofl: :smiley:

No Nater. The problem with pubs is the alcohol. Some place just to eat and not get drunk and then go murder people … haha.

It may just be that I’m trying Idealic Valley in the peaceful setting but Pubs haven’t been a problem at all as nobody is fighting. The description says that unhappy people may become combative so if you just keep everybody happy, then problem solved, right?

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