Murmur's devotion

Hello everyone
What are your thoughts about increasing cold RR on Murmur’s devo upto 30%? And at the same time reduce RR on Deathmarked set.
How many cold builds are really strong except DM Infiltrator?
Such change would help cold Spellbreakers, Reapers, Druids, Dervishes


I have been unsuccessfully trying to make a Cold Pet Trickster for some time now. This would help.

So, +1 from me.

No, this would just mean that there will be another cold rune nerf comming along :frowning:

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RoH is bad now, 7% RR won’t make it OP
And again, here is one skill and at least dozens builds that will benefit from this change. It’s easier to fix one skill afterall

You’re a noob then. :smile:

I actually theorycrafted once a cold hybrid trickster, but never actually tried it in game. Looked solid with a sexy amount of RR, but then stuff changed when I wanted to try it and I scrapped the idea.

Maya actually tests builds sets not just looks at numbers.



Btw, when I say unsuccessful, I am saying that it is not a C+ build that can also do SR+ under the time limit.

This was my first try with Winter King Weapon:

Crucible Run:

It however was horrible in SR against tougher boss combos and even Healer mobs…

Then I tried using Bysmiel’s Grasp instead. Didn’t try Crucible on that, but SR run while possible still ended with a few deaths and running out on the timer.

I think it would make quite a few classes too strong. Not just Deathmarked builds, any kind of cold Infiltrator is already very strong (Chillwhisper builds don’t even use RoH that much and still pretty op), Cold Vindicators would be op as hell too.

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I think the reason why Murmur cold is low is, because elemental damage have easy access to flat and % resistances reduction, also some items have -RR.

Fire devotion is in the same boat,it has less RR than chaos. Only difference is lightning. But for example there’s no ring with RR and lightning flat have very wide range of values, so it makes sense the higher RR

So, I personally think it’s little to much to add more RR.

+1 to Dmt. Cold rr on murmur deserves more, same as fire rr on solael’s witchblade to support weaker classes that can’t get very much of it.

Agree with additional cold rr on Murmur

I just want to saw that frostburn dots shines more once again

No, really, frostburn after all nerfs now looking not very good

In world there bleeding and burn dots could easily make a 1.000.000 tick per second and electroshock could make 400.000-600.000 tick without any problems frostburn barely make a 200.000 - and that’s all, and this is kinda sad



What decent items have cold RR? An axe for NB, one ring that doesn’t have any good stats except RR, Deathmarked and Silver Sentinel sets (both are for NB again)
What about any class combination that doesn’t have double cold RR? :roll_eyes:

I mean Chillstrifes, Combustion relic, band of eternal haunt. Plus skill modes with Elemental Res like Trozan to Wind Devils.

Let’s not forgot Cold is part of the elemental group, so it has way more RR than people think.