Musings (And Rantings) of a New GD Player

For reference, Diablo II ate up about 7 years of my life, and I absolutely loved the game. Diablo III was enjoyable for about 6 months. I played exclusively HC on both games (or SC through norm to make HC toons). The way I played involved a primary and back up MF character in order to supply my novelty builds with gear.

I downloaded GD a little over 8 weeks ago. I have to say that I am not only pleasantly surprised by the gameplay, but the thing that was the most surprising was the community. In DII, things felt generally stingy. Not so with this community, as people have generously given, helped, and have just generally been awesome.

After fumbling my way to 50ish with a retaliation warder (remnants of HC survivability mentality) and hitting 100 with an underwhelming poison witch hunter, I found Mad_Lee’s Vanilla Ice Spellbreaker on the forums, and it sounded great. After grinding to 100, I traded my tail off to get all of the gear and components, followed by more grinding for rep to augment the gear. The intent was to follow the same path as I did in DII, with a primary farming character so that I could really explore some of the amazing build diversity of this game. The build rocked, and was a hell of a lot of fun to play.

Literally 72 hours following completion of the spellbreaker, happens, and the build is suddenly far less effective. So I have spent the time since the patch grinding a spellbinder in the mold of Ptirodaktill’s Aggravix build. It is now 95% complete as I finish grinding rep in Malmouth. As I am reading forums, it seems the consensus is that spellbinders days of power may be numbered as well (and perhaps deservedly so as the build feels crazy strong).

So…is this just a bad timing thing? I have been here for 8 weeks, and the only thing that seems consistent is…change. How often do patches like happen? It is incredibly frustrating being a new player and trying to learn the foundational build information only to have it change…and to lose the ability of the primary farmer just a few days after completing it.

Other than that, I love this game, the community is filled with great folks, and I am looking forward to grinding some more. Thanks.

Patch are came in may, 2018
Literally a more than half- year spellbinders are was “to rule them all”
So, yes, it’s just unlucky for you.

Patches don’t happen that often. v1.0.6.0 was back in May with a small hotfix a few days later.

The latest patch is mainly to provide backend support for the upcoming Forgotten Gods expansion, although the changelog was the biggest one yet. Zantai has said there will be another patch shortly before FG is released and I expect there’ll be a hotfix or two afterwards. But unless FG sells amazingly well it’s going to be the last big content release for the game.

Community isn’t that great if people like me roam freely around this forum

…but on the upside, Acid/Poison Witch Hunters just got a bit of a boost, so you could also dust them off as well if they’re still around. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is the plan once I get this spellbinder complete.