Must "on attack" do damage?

When I go to choose a skill to attach a devotion (let’s say Guardian’s Gaze for this example), it gives me the Gaze of Beronath from my amulet as an option. However, Gaze of Beronath does not do any damage, it’s a petrifaction AOE. Can the devotion screen make a mistake? Or is this still considered an attack, regardless of whether or not it does any actual damage?




In fact some of the best ‘on attack’ triggering effects do no damage. Things such as Curse of Frailty which have a long lasting debuff will attempt an ‘attack’ against their targets when applied and 1/sec for the duration. In the case of Beronath it will also attempt to trigger the attack on application and 1/sec for the duration (and do so for each target hit)

Note that it something says ‘freezes target for 5 seconds’ or ‘X poison damage over Y seconds’ those are effects not debuffs and will only apply the on attack devotion on the initial hit, not for their duration.

Yes I know that sounds confusing. But you get the difference between the two right?

Yep. So Beronath’s is ideal, which is what I was hoping.