Mutated Scales Grind

Hi all,

everyone need mutated scales to their build and i have one question:

What is best method for their grind?

I found getting it via route to farm ugdenbloom or via crusible on aspirant 10 waves repeat but this methods its not time efficient.

Thanks you for your answers :slight_smile:

Broken Hills is a good place to farm them :slight_smile:

I wasn´t even aware those existed. I got 45 in my stash, doubt I ever used them. Then again, I´v only played GD for 3888 hours. Huh …

Why you would farm those is beyond me.

Thanks Argur.

I see a lot of builds that using ugdenbog leather and mutated scales is material in recipe to create ugdenbog leather. Thats all.

I wasn´t aware of that. My bad, thanks for clearing that up.