My 3D model and current project

Hey guys just a little intro,

I’m a retired army vet w/ 8 years of software engineering experience working at the Department of Defense. I’ve currently abandoned software engineering and went into the world of 3d modeling. You can find my first model here.

My current project that i’m working on now is a concept lightsaber for Supreme Leader Snoke. It’s a dagger type. Which has an assassin emblem(one of my fave games). Note: that this isn’t the final color scheme of the mesh. After i’m finished, the mesh will be sent to Substance Painter for texturing and painting. I’m currently halfway done with the dagger-type lightsaber.

Let me know what you guys think and do you have any interesting ideas that I could add?

I have no idea which forum to put this into, so i’ve picked this one. Please move it, if needed.

Hi KyloRen,

It looks like you’re off to a good start :slight_smile:

I think that the downward facing point on the hilt looks like it might poke the user’s hand in some situations. You might consider facing both points upwards, or turn the point into a finger hole for support (kinda like brass knuckles).

Also, the handle apepars to be wrapped with a cloth or leather type material. What are you envisioning here? Afaik, most light sabers are blocky and mechnical. But of course, one of the great things about Star Wars is that the Universe is vast and diverse enough to allow a lot of exploration/interpretation with the technologies :slight_smile:

Anyways, just my 2 cents. Please do keep us updated with your progress.

The Dubs

looks pretty nice

Hey guys thanks for liking the mesh and sorry its taken so long to get back on here and post the progress. Your right The Dubs, I probably should have adjusted the top piece. It’s a rookie mistake as this is my first mesh that i’ve ever made off of imagination. Here are 3 current photo’s at 25% complete inside Substance Painter. I’m currently working on the stitching across the handle.

Also, it is a possibility that I completely scrap the color scheme and textures and start all over. I currently like what I see but it’s not finished and that could all change once i’m done.

Do you intend to use this in a game/mod? Cinematic? Or just modeling for fun/practice?

Also, do you mind sharing some details like poly count, texture sizes, etc?

Oh yeah…is it a first of third person light saber?

Yeah it was just for fun and learning some new techniques. I’m not planning on using the model at all. I didn’t even put it in Artstation because it kind of sucked :stuck_out_tongue:

The model has 670k poly’s. The handle was a helix that got turbosmoothed I think twice or 3 times. Which is why the number is so high.

I just recently made a shield which passed the time while I was waiting for For Honor. I apologize for the sizing. I’m not sure how to manually configure that on the forum.