My experiences in Forgotten gods Shattered realm

Hi all !

Well, i play grim dawn for quite some time and like this game alot , i only play on hardcore and i have some lvl 100 chars. So i am not to noobish.
I am quite not satisfied with the shattered realm on the current status. for example : i played with a lvl 99 char on elite difficulty entered the shattered realm on shard 5. had the 3 chunks and the boss fight. the boss fight was quite difficult. in the treasure room i got : 1 blue , like 12 green but NO monsterinfreqs and like 15 components that was all.
Mylootfilter don’t show white and yellow but all others.
This is quite ridiculous. on ultimate campaign modus i find 3 times more items by much less difficulty comparing to that shattered realm. to call it late game there should also drop more monsterinfreqs like 25 % or more, to not need farming some regions in the game. Dying through the SR lvls to go to higher tiers is not an option for me playing hc. Make shattered realm more easy and drop more loot !!!

At what shard level did you “cash out”

Just as with crucible, you have to “get up there” first, and then farming mats for making waystones and reaching checkpoints before you can start to do some serious farming.

What malawiglenn said. Shard 5 isn’t that deep so rewards will be on a par. An L99 character on Elite probably wouldn’t get as much good stuff as if it were trying it on Ultimate. Overlevelled for the difficulty and shard I would guess. :undecided:

Not sure if MI’s even drop in SR since they’re monster specific.

I only did that shard 5. There were like 20 or more monsters with a star in the 3 chunks + the hard boss fight. all this for one blue …

shard 5 is “nothing” how many legendaries do you get if you cash out of crucible at wave 10?

In my experience, SR begins to be worth it at Shard 35ish. Just run Shard 35 and 36, cash in, rinse and repeat. Should take 15 minutes for 2-3 legendaries, a bunch of MI, and the amulet and armor of the SR set that you can bomb for mats, enough Eldritch Essence to build a reserve, and really good chances of blueprint drops. Might seem low in comparison to SR70+, or even crucible 100, but it is far more relaxing imho, without tributes to manage. Plus, it’s available to much much more builds.

I get 1 Legendary(Mythical) and 2 blues after 1 Shard on Ultimate by playing there LVL93 char, no kidding.

No way.
Looking place for comfort farm - go to Steps or other easy roguelike dungeon.

Thx for the replies !

I tried shard 1 (only shard 1) on ultimate with lvl 100 a few times and this is the result :

  1. no leg 3 blue 19 green
  2. 1 leg 1 blue 17 green
  3. no leg 2 blue 10 green incl. 3 Monsterinfreqs

For me it was hard to finish it even harder to finish it in time.
Balancing the effort and the result : higher difficulty with less loot than normal farming, uhh what’s it ? Dear developers please make the shattered realm more easy !! Well it might be hard to play it but please not starting from lvl 1 !!

If you have bought the Crucible DLC, then farm there instead. It is much more efficient and easier.

There is absolutely no reason to farm only shard 1
It’s completely pointless
There is “gold standard” (shard 65 AND 66), there you could get a really nice amount of good loot
You only need a waystone to 65 shard, easy obtained in multiplayer with someone who already beat a 65 shard - we go together, you get a waystone to 65 shard and below