My favorite rouge-like

Just have to say it, Port of Valbury is defiantly my favorite rouge-like, and it’s not just because it’s new. :smiley:

I love the atmosphere. That “act 1” (my favorite act) feel, the overwhelming amounts of aether crystals, the level design. The fact that it’s outside, which to me, is such a nice change, as i would get board of always being in a dark underground area grinding the other rouge-likes. Could just be me but, i do think it feels bigger as well.

The lore is Amazing. Whoever wrote those deserves some props :wink: I mean lore in GD has always been great but, i really loved reading the lore here, it just paints such a nice picture of the whole area.

I could go on but, I’d rather just get to the point and say it, great job Crate! :smiley:

i tend to agree… the lore is amazing… and the difficulty… it was good enough to be enjoyable for my veteran char. cant wait to try in ultimate.

wish they improve bastion and SOT in the future to close the gaps…

I"m kinda torn on Port Valbury (or what little I’ve seen of it before dying). It’s very visually impressive, but it’s also “Environmental Hazards: The Dungeon” and I’m not sure I like that.

Aether floor is the number 1 thing I hate in GD. Aside from that I like the new dungeon

Not a big fan of aether floor. Sure there’s enough room to fight w/o it. But getting cornered by flesh hulks in houses isn’t the greatest of things.

I think SoT can use some design, right now it looks like the Sewers of Torment :p. We could use more twisted things in there for thematic purposes.

Bastion of Chaos i by far the best rogue-like i’ve played. Stuff literally comes to either kill you or die. No middle-ground. And Fields of Despair is awesome. Plus the Final Boss is no weakling who feels the necessity to hide behind two others :rolleyes: (Not that i know how hard Valdritch is, haven’t tried him outside Veteran yet and am locked out of the game for a few days).

But this is just my opinion, i’ve just loved everything about Chthonians in the game. Their source of power seems stronger than the aether dimension, they used the aetherials plans for their benefits, they have enough power to squash the aetherials and the best part is many of the horrors (Unravelers and Obsidians) are still limited to the void. I wonder what would happen when they decide to say, “Hello”

And their reason for slaughtering humanity seems justified to me. After they’re just taking back what belongs to their God. Kappa :rolleyes:

Thematically i would like to say they have done a marvelous job in portraying the corruption of a town. Especially the part behind the chest room you see flurry of clusters and i thought- “that is fucked up”

I hear what you’re saying, OP, but it still doesn’t beat a classic like Burnt Sienna.

If you are mildly colour blind, Chaos effects on BoC maps make Aether floors look like a Wayans Bros’ “MESSAGE!”.

But yeah

Aether floors suck.

And no - the color blind options really do not seem to help, when it comes to seeing Chaos effects in time to step out of them.

I have multiple characters who would have 0 deaths, were it not for a quarter second too long in recognizing a Chaos ground effect.

I really wish they had some other lighting effect built into them, to broadcast their being in place - maybe an additional ripple of yellow or white tossed into the black and dark, dark red.

Chaos ground effect? I think you mean the Chaos “flames” beneath you? I think it’s the Voidfiends who use that attack. The only deadly thing in BoC is the vitality wave trap imo.