My few cents.

(Google translate)

20 years of playing RPG…
War, war never changes…

Now Grim Down.

Online time of 230 hours with two characters (both level 85). The game is awesome.
Don’t know how the rest of the players, but I don’t have enough space in the stash =) Existing unique sets not very interesting to me. It is more interesting to assemble the kits and the variety of items allows me to do it.

Addition the Crucible I did not like. Need a more interesting reward, which is not in the normal game. Such as the ability to replacement the appearance of the hero, which can be used at any time on top of wearable armor…

1)Automatic change of the server when the Creator of the network game is disabled.
2)the Automatic alignment of craft components in the inventory and the chest.
3)I Want a Guild and Guild storage with only 4 tabs (weapons, armor, accessories, consumables). The high cost and complexity of creating a Guild (crafting quest item at a cost comparable to the craft all together relics + kill RAID boss on the absolute entire group) etc. Can pay few $ per tab =)
4)Bonus unique sets in the form of skills should not be a panacea for the end of the game.
5)the timely localization.

p.s. I stopped playing Diablo and Path of Exile because I was annoyed. It is imposing to play today, because tomorrow will be no such rewards… Want to play when I’m comfortable. Do not repeat, please, this mistake. =)

There are 3 stash management mods here on the forum to choose from, all of which give infinite storage and don’t cost you anything.

I don’t like moding and forum serfing. Just buy and play. But I use this tweek, thanks!

I have installed “Grim Dawn Stash Manager” and have lost all of my legendaries after first games crash in full screen.

Post over in that thread and see if Mamba or anyone else can help you recover them.