My healer and teacher don't get enabled

on this peculiar patch, what’s happening?

You need to find an educated villager to fill the jobs. Either that or wait for a new immigrant who’s educated.

To check your villagers untick all the jobs in the professions window and then try ticking the teacher one to see if it gets filled. Do the same with the healer. If both get filled then just tick all the other jobs you had before so you get those back to where they should be.


Or click on each of your houses and hover over each occupant: I had one village in which the only person with any education was collecting the poo… once you’ve found a suitable candidate just remove them from the job and they should head straight for the desired job.
If you hover over the population icon it will tell you the %age of educated people so if that reads 0% then you’ll need to await an educated immigrant to run your education and health services… hmmm…


It worked, txs!

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