My Hill Top Encampment

Love this game!


nice, looks really good

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Very nice! Here is one I did:


Loving that “stepped” section!
Good to see not everyone just building on the flat with right angles roads :wink::+1:


Thanks! I have since entered Tier 3 and upgraded the “loop road” to stone, and expanded into the other Tier 3 buildings, but then remembered/learnt some new things…think it’s time for fresh map :partying_face::nerd_face:

Nice fortifications!

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Settlement Showcase? Settlement Showcase!

I don’t have any mountain fortifications, but I do have a mountain. These aren’t the best images but they’ll have to do.

Nomansland Early Shots:

Nomansland Year 23 Shots:

State-of-the-art healthcare system:


Love that second “Early shot” :ok_hand: was starting to think people didn’t know that the roads can curve :wink: looking forward to showing my latest settlement …when it’s ready (slow playing this one :nerd_face:).

LOL, I see all these where everything looks nice and would be a nice place to live. Then I look at mine and it’s just shoved together, strip cleared of trees, and not very friendly to live in.

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Well it looks well put together! I did notice the industrial not a tree in sight vibe though :wink::joy:

LOL, the last map I did I had 90 laborers, when I sent them out to get wood it was like an army of ants just swarming the forest and stripping it clear. Ended up having the opposite of the normal problem… too much wood, firewood, and planks filling up my storage.

How do you terraform? Or can you?

The “Flatten Tool” (shortcut T). But it takes some getting used to. You can also only go down, I wish there was a fill tool to bring slight depressions up to the level of the highest point in the selection. Instead you have to take everything else down, which leads to more problems because then even more has to go down outside of that area. It’s a great tool for smoothing out slight bumps in the ground. It has some work to do when trying to do more than that. My map above took many years of modifying and there were screw ups in what it made and required even more removal. I lost about 50 people one time when they got stuck and I had to remove a chunk of land to free them.

Im playing a highlands map, and im running out of flat ground to build on.

It would make sense that you could raise terrain for the cost of some resources.

You can’t freely raise land, but you can raise land to an existing height… a very simple example would be 2 single tiles - if one tile is flat and the adjacent one is sloping (either up or down), “flattening” both will pull the sloping tile to the flat tiles height.

So you can “extend” an existing height outwards.

This is only reliable where a single row of tiles is being pulled (either up or down)…more than a single row will cause it to average a height between them.

You can use this to your advantage to create smooth slopes…for and example if you select a group of tiles say 2x6 - it will “flatten” between the two extremities (highest to lowest).

Hopefully that explanation makes sense :grimacing::man_shrugging:

Surrounding tile heights will effect this (especially in more extreme differences in elevation), but by playing about with it in smaller plots of land should give you an idea of what’s possible :wink::+1:

So in the case of fixing “dips” you make in the ground with the tool, you can use the higher ground adjacent to the dip to bring the ground level back up.

Again this will only work where either you are pulling a single row of sloped tiles to an adjacent row, or where the vast majority of the tiles selected are higher (but this is more of an average height between all tiles selected).

The larger the area the more it will “average” the heights and flatten between all heights selected.

I’m still experimenting and personally I enjoy the nuance to it - kind feels thematically correct - in that it requires some puzzle solving, planning and time to get the required effect.

I really like your stepped farm, that’s a cool idea