My Milestone. 1367 hours in

Posted this on the Reddit site a few days ago but thought I’d share here. How that’s ok.

Today I reached my first big milestone I set for myself. I have now successfully leveled up to 100 a character of every class (one is even in HC :D). Probably not that big a deal given my SR/Crucible experience has been lacking so I’ve got no real bragging rights but it was a heck of a lot of fun. Those 1367 hours and playing every class to level 100 has taught me a lot, and I mean a LOT, about the game.

Along the way it netted me 164/178 achievements as well.

Going forward, as all the trolls come out of from under the bridge to tell me I’m an underachiever :D, I’m going to start dipping more into Crucible and SR to find my favorite play style. After all this time I definitely have some likes and dislikes and favorite classes (I’m definitely partial to the Inquisitor and the Oathkeeper - so the Paladin gets real love from me - but I have a healthy love for all the masteries.)

So here’s looking forward to at least another 1367 hours down the road to see where they take me. See you guys in Malmouth!


Not wanting to pilfer any thunder from others but that 1300+ hours of playing and learning was also due in no small part to the two great communities reddit and on the official GD forums. There is so much great info on there to read and learn and implement in your own playstyle. Too many individual names to call out that I glocked stuff from but I just wanted to give a collective thanks to the communities.

  1. Forget the haters

^2. Forget those gyspsies clawin’ at your ankles, tryna steal your thunder.

  1. Gratz on your achievement, you’ve done something I’ve never done.

  2. Can’t wait to see you in the crucible. Ask away if you need help.

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Just imagine though, if it took 30 hours less…


That thought did cross my mind, yes.

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Time to dabble some in HC as well to get those last achievements. :smiley:

(Brazenly assuming those are some of the ones you’re missing.)

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Yes but we all cant be as leet as birbs.

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They certainly are. Only my Vindicator is HC so I still need a number of HC achievements.



I may DEFINITELY hit you up for crucible help. It’s the thing i have the least xp in.

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Congrats on your achievements!

Glad that you like the Grim Dawn community. Indeed you can find valuable information, which will make your epic journey in Cairn more pleasurable!

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