My son been on me about getting on here

I used to frequent the TQ forums quite a bit. I never really posted much, but I read a lot.

My son (aj99) and I played TQ (and fan add ons) into the ground. He has been following the developement of Grim Dawn since we first heard of it.

He has been posting here a bit as well (suggesting classes mostly I think). Be easy on him, he just turned 12. From what I have seen and remember of the TQ community I’m sure there isn’t anything to worry about. :smiley:

Any ways, I thought I might as well sign up. This is going to be a MUST game for aj99 and myself. We both can’t wait for Grim Dawn to be released.

Good to here there are two more initiates! The forums here are just as friendly (if not more so as they aren’t as popular yet) as the TQ forums, and the greatest part is the developers actually let the future players view lots of pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha content, as well as vote on options. Never have I been this impressed with developers attitudes towards their fanbases’ desires.

Welcome aboard!

I wonder if your name is related at all to Sanctuary’s debut album “Refuge Denied”…

That’s the spirit - whole families signing up here. :smiley: Welcome.

Why yes it is! There aren’t many prople familiar with that band. It’s a shame they never put out more than a couple of albums.

Thanks for the welcome guys.

Welcome! :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome!

Glad to hear you and your son got so much enjoyment out of TQ. :smiley:

Great to see another Sanctuary fan around. I always saw Nevermore as their successor, but it just isn’t the same.