My Spellbinder to weak in soloplay :(


I play Grim Dawn now 100 hours +. I am currently lvl 99 and play almost only with my cousin in multiplayer. We’re in Ultimate at Fort Ikon. But when I am traveling solo, I quickly come across my limits. Bosses and nemesis are impossible for me. Even on the difficulty level Elite. Can someone please give me some tips on how I do not die so quickly, preferably without completely changing my game style. because for other types of dmg I just have not found any matching items.

sry for my english, google translator D:

post 2 fror charing my build link

have a look in this thread.

Also you can link to your build with grim tools: you do not need to post the full link, the code is enough

Otherwise it will be hard to give you advice and what game style you prefer xD

post 3 fror charing my build link :((((((((

You do not need the full link, the code is enough… xD

Ya but i needet 3 post on this Forum to charing links… now i can post it

You just need to write “4VxgvmM2” and we know what to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

You resistances, armor and defensive abilities are CRAP!!!

Make sure you have augments in all gear pieces.

Dont put points in spirit, you have arcanist

you only put points in spirit and cunning to meet gear req.

Vegengeful wrath is crap, use Mark of Illusion instead.

You need some Olexra flash freeze for trash mob controll.

Not a good choice to go with spellbinder and cold Trozan skyshard since neither of masteries have cold resistance reduction. And you do not even have Rumor or Elemental strom from the devotions… … …

A better off-hand for Trozan that is “easy” to get is (and higher tiers) drops from the boss in the room hidden behind dymanite site in the flooded passage.

If you wanna make the most use out of your spellbinder with limited gear, I suggest you read my beginner spellbinder thread.

Exactly this. Work on your DA (2500+) and most of all:

max your resistances! (imagine this capslocked + bold + underlined + bright + red color + size 20 + unicorns floating around)

Also grab 1 point ravenous earth and max decay for damage recuction. If a mob deals 25% less damage, that is effectively 1/0.75 = 33% more health basically.

And your mace is crap. Well the base is good of course, but you wanna get pre- and suffixes that fits your build. so +% cold dmg, OA, DA, health, resistances and that kinda stuff.

but a question remains to me, less dmg get is already a way, but in longer fight what happens in ultimate just the pots are not enough anymore. you mentioned my devotion could you post your suggestion to Devotion how you would do it? because I’m still very dissatisfied with them.

Max Resistenzen is easily said I have difficulties to max, do you have any tips or just need to find better equipment first?

pots? health or energy?

You need to get crowd controll, resistances etc to avoid taking damage

I do not have time to write a devo map for you but you want to grab Mumor and Rhowans crown for resistance reduction. And Ultos for its nodes (OA and +% cold damage). Solemn watcher is good for DA.

Green items (like legs, boots, gloves, belt) are very potent sources of resistances.

Augments and components. Not all of your gear slots have such.

health pots :slight_smile:

ya thanks i try it to change my build thanks for all ur Help

Forgive me if I sound rude, I’m honestly just trying to be helpful:

I think the biggest problem with your binder is that you’ve decided to go cold damage.
You have 0 cold resist reduction (RR) from either class.

Damage can be calculated as such:

Damage * [100% - (Target’s resist - RR)]

To use an example:

I have 100k damage.
The target has 100% resist to my damage type.
I have 0 resist reduction.

100,000 * [100% - (100% target resist - 0% RR)] = 0 damage

I would suggest going aether damage.

Drain essence, krieg set + mindwarps, etc. are what you should be working towards.

If you don’t have the items, I would suggest trading for them with materials like ugdenblooms

EDIT: Most types of RR can be stacked, and you can actually bring the enemy’s resist into the negative range. This means that you can deal amplified damage to the enemy.

Another example:

I deal 1000 damage. I have -200% RR
The target has 100% Resist

1000 * [100% - (100% target’s resist - 200% RR)] = 1000 * [100% + 100%] = 2000 damage dealt

You also need at least 600 more DA.

I think you’ll get ragdolled if something like theodin decides to fart at you.

Or just farm krieg set, buy blueprint for hexlauncher, and shop hyram for these (vit > aether conversion on Drain Essence) and go with drain essence + devastation basically.

Or, follow (at least read) my Callidor guide

I think I have 2 pack mules worth of purples remaining from before I used GDstash.

I might have some 100% legit purples you can have if you need them. Just PM me.

yes, I’ve already seen that most on spellbinder on ether dmg go. My problem is as I said that, because it is only just my first character, I did not get the pool of drops with the matching attribute, but just a lot of what builds on cold dmg. And so I have my char in the direction gestatet where not the most equipteile got. have often already rebuilt resetet with the potions from AoM and am now completely poor in materials and gold. I just hope that because my cousin and I play as a couple we quickly get items based on ether. is just frustrating how fast you find yourself in a dead end. :frowning:

My offer stands :slight_smile:

Alternatively, you can read some beginner guides like the one made by malawiglenn, and stupid dragon.

Another solution is to trade. I’m sure you have lots of scrap, ugdenblooms, and other stuff yes? Veterans will gladly give you purples for them.

Check out strukto’s trading guide in the guide section for more info.