My take on a Non pet Conjurer

Let me know what you think. Currently level 35 and I have been able to face tank every boss.

If his right to collect - it’s a great build. About 1.5 months ago I made it, calmly and confidently passes all 3 rougelike dungeons.

The main problem that I encountered (and which still annoys me) - in the game there is no purple sword based on vitality damage (although purple mace with vit/bleed damage is available).

Thank you for the reply.
I am currently using the Wrathblade with the hollow fang added. Yes I know it will be painful to get gear, I see that none of the fractions have armor that is appropriate. I also have a skinflayer rainment chest for when I hit 40 in the bank along with a Fiendscale jacket and empowered boneshard lacerator. The lacerator “if I don’t find something better” will indicate a slight change to the constellations so I can take a few points in Berserker.