🔥 My Test Topic (Nothing Interesting)

i mean
i type some


and behinde this text is some color (red, blue, etc.)

you mean something like:

My Text with a colored diamond after
My Text with a colored square after
My Text with a colored square after

My Text with a colored diamond after <font color="#AF0000">&#9670;</font>
My Text with a colored square after <font color="#00AFAF">&#9632;</font>
My Text with a colored square after <font color="green">&#9632;</font>

i mean like that


[bgcolor=#00AFAF]<font color="#000">&nbsp;TEXT&nbsp;</font>[/bgcolor]

apparently some style properties work, so the HTML variant could be something like:

<span style="background-color:#00AFAF">TEXT</span>

if the BBCode one isn’t working in some cases.


thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Nice find on that.

Interestingly enough you are not able to use it to change background color on ‘Details’ text. BUT I accidentally just discovered that encasing it in the <span></span> tags makes [bgcolor] work







Check out this oddity once you click on it and open it

<span><details>[bgcolor=green]<summary>Now we are changing the entire background color!

Now we are changing the entire background color!


you are my hero :heart_eyes:

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Damn… I’m trying to figure out how to make it color the entire background outside of ‘Details’ just normally. Not sure if possible yet.

@powbam Am i seeing a hungarian word in there? (Részletek)

Are u hungarian?

I see that ‘Részletek’ means ‘Details’ in English. Must be your browser displaying that? Because no, I am 100% American-born and English-speaking :slight_smile:

Parts of my lineage/DNA/family history are German and there is some native-american mixed in there from my mother’s side but no Hungarian I am currently aware of.

Oh, I see. Yes that means. Third hardest language in the world. :smiley:

Behind which? You peaked my curiosity.


What i found now top 4.

Anyway always be on top 3, 5 on the list.

blah blah [shield melee] Beginner's pre-Krieg Death Knight EDIT 2


testing testing 1-2-3

When you copy-paste a direct link to the thread on this forum w/o specifying the text it’ll automatically pull the text from that thread’s name, but won’t auto-update it if thread’s name had been changed.

Makes sense. However, you can change a thread title with no worry because the title part of the url isn’t the important part. The numbers at the end however, are.

Yeah, that much I know.

Further testing: the link name would update if you edit the post, but a ‘blank’ edit won’t do, there need to be actual changes.

It is an interesting implication for compendium, because it potentially allows people to update the patch tag on their own and it would auto-update in the compendium at some point.

That would be useful indeed. Discourse just keeps getting brownie points from me at any rate.

What ??? Searching 2 years on the internet but found nothing but read a test topic in Grim Dawn forum and find this masterpiece :>. That is unpredictable >…<

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