My wishlist for Grim Dawn

I have about 2000 hours in the game and I also have Gamer’s OCD. Here’s all the things I would like changed in Grim Dawn. In order of importance.

  1. Elite Skip. I really like the Veteran play through experience. And I typically reveal the entire map. But after all that, I don’t have the juice to redo everything in Elite. Full clearing Veteran should unlock Ultimate difficulty. Or with the new scaling, we should be able to make new characters in any difficulty. If a character is low level and they choose ultimate, put a warning label in scary red letters that says “Don’t Do It”.

  2. SSF Mode. All characters should save their blueprints in two places. The global blueprint file in the \save folder and their own local blueprint file in the \save\main\character_name folder. Regular characters should read blueprints from the global file, and SSF characters should read blueprints from their own local file. That way SSF characters can contribute to your overall blueprint wealth, but each one offers a fresh play through experience.

  3. Search Log for Vendors.There should be a side panel at the vendor window where your last 10 unique searches appear. You can click each one to quickly do that search. These should be saved per character. This feature could be extended to other searchable areas, like stash or devotions, but it’s most important for vendors because you check their inventory many times when you play.

  4. Better Loot Filter. Have the loot filter have 4 tabs: common, magic, rare, unique. Each tab has it’s own loot filter that filters items of that rarity. Also add individual resistances to the loot filter. What I want from the loot filter is the ability to hide all while items, filter yellow items, and show all green items.

  5. Character Rosters. There should be a way to separate collections of characters. For example, I might want to have a separate character list for hardcore, regular, singleplayer and multiplayer characters. Each character list should probably have it’s own save folder. This should not be hardcoded into the main menu, but should be a more general feature, so players can decide for themselves how they want to organize their characters. This is a feature that’s totally irrelevant for modern live service games, but I believe it is relevant for Grim Dawn.

  6. Toggle Devotion Highlight. You should be able to click the devotion orbs to toggle the highlight on and off. You should be able to toggle two at once to see the overlap.

Minor changes:
Stop weapon from disappearing when casting.
Stop characters from pointing their guns at NPCs when talking to them.

Controversial changes:
Allow SSF and HC characters to play with regular characters. My friends don’t play HC and I do. I would like to be able to play with them without making new characters.

this already exists ? @_@

Elite should be removed entirely. But it can’t be removed due to technical reasons. Skipping it should be made easier and new players should be able to do it. Especially with the new scaling that’s coming in 1.2.

that sounds like a good way to put off a lot of beginners…

and this changes

how? v1.2 doesn’t magically prevent you from buying merits

you can already skip, how/why do you want it “easier”, non new players argument?
beginners can’t skip on their first char, sure, but you can already skip, sooo ? :man_shrugging: :smile:

devs already said before they prefer newcomers to not rush into ultimate, because instead of turning back/“realising the folly of their decision” they’ll just instinctively react and blame the game/complaint instead
*and the ones that really want still can

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See this is where the OCD comes in. I play every character in SSF, and that means I get the new player experience every single time. And I enjoy that experience up until Elite.

Expert Grim Dawn players know how to have more fun with the game by skipping the annoying parts. But new players don’t have that kind of knowledge. Which is why it’s important to improve those parts.

again, devs don’t want new players skipping: because they bit of more than they can chew and blames teh game/complaints as result
you are not a new player: you know how to solve this
i think my “point” is, ignoring the new player aspect: since devs made their position clear prior, and dealing with the you: you’re self-imposing this issue while also having the fix at your hands, in multiple ways even, merits, GDstash/Gddefiler, play on Custom, use Logh skip trick…

Change your self-imposed rules. Getting into ultimate naked at level 1 with the use of 1 skip token doesn’t make it any less “SSF” for most purposes.

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Let me clarify what I’m actually advocating. If you beat Logh on Normal, you unlock Elite. But if you beat Logh, Theodin, Korvaak and the 5 Skeleton key bosses on Veteran, you unlock Ultimate. By the time players beat all of them, on Veteran, they will surely be ready to enter Ultimate Lower Crossing.

Excuse me but for 2000 hours of play you don’t know anything about this, your ideas have 0 logic, the only thing I would rescue is the highlighting of devotions.

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