Myrmidon Oppressor idea

Hey guys, was just wondering how oppressor would be with full Myrmidon set (blue set) with mythical gladiator distinction belt, myth beronath reforged and with oleron constellation. I can see this as having good Phys RR, lots of damage conversion into phys with soul harvest and 100% WPS. But im yet to make one and see if it works. Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a good idea?

I crafted this before FG:

might give you some ideas

wow it looks really cool.

Just realised i dont need oleron constellation because shattering smash is effective for flat phys RR.

glad you liked it, let me know how the build goes - it looks decent on paper actually.

But you need another belt due to patch, avengers girdle is probably better. Other items got some +skill changes too, so you need to fix like ranks in Celestial precensce etc

i was thinking mythical gladiator distinction to convert all vitality to phys

Not sure how to go about the self healing side of things though. I guess could use lifegiver ring but coven storm seal is just so nice for dps.

yes that is also a good belt to use.

Gloves are a bit questionable too.

You have 7% life steal, reaping strike and Ghoul - you can insert seal of blades in the sword.

Maybe mythical iceskorn talons for more damage on RF

Mythical Turin’s Grips
Mythical Colossal Grasp (remember shield bonus)
Mythical Sandreaver Bracers

are probably better