Mysterious uptick in sales since Nov 2nd...

For whatever reason D2 producer’s tweats made me feel better and understand why D2 was good

It’s cause they were all hardcore gamers, and held themselves to a very high standard. Not some suit with a chart in front of him.

Anyway. Back on topic. I hope the trend lasts as long as possible. It’s the perfect storm leading up to FG release!

Oh haha he’s really taking some hard pokes at 'em with those tweets. Nice. I do agree very much that they should have known that it wasn’t going to go good. I mean they knew but they obviously thought it wasn’t going to be quite so bad as it got. Which is slightly delusional.

I bet if they would have even brought out at least a decent presentation of what they did have going on for D4 they could have smoothed out the worst of it just by doing that alone.

Absolutely. It’s good that people that hadn’t bought and played GD did as a direct result of this. Hopefully the ones who end up liking it alot tell others and so on. The timing of all this could totally be in their favor at FG release and maybe we’ll get those killer numbers they need for expac number 3 to be a thing :smiley:

Sounds pretty much as Crate is now.:slight_smile:

Ya know, I wish Crate success… they’ve worked hard for it but honestly I kinda hope they always keep themselves purposefully “small-ish”. Their foots in the door and they are basically established now. Resist the temptation to sell out and grow yourselves into some bloated corporation. 1 yachts enough Zantai.

That and better because there is communication with the players which is necessary nowadays cause games are more complex

I have also thought about this. All the $ to them but keep the ship tight. I was thinking that if they ever went too big, communication would not be as good with the player base.

Yeah, I was including the D2 producer’s comment about being in communication with the fan base. I for one hope Crate will continue this with their other games. We haven’t heard much about the new town builder and I can understand the team wanting to concentrate on that and not be issuing updates all the time, but I would love it if for another project Crate would consider letting us in on the early development as we’ve had with GD. For me, following the game as it’s been developed has been as much fun as playing the game itself.

anyone know how many copies are sold now?


Well, since we got medierra actually in thread and somewhat talking I wanna ask something that’s been noodling in me brain for a while now.

Are you the sole Big Cheese of Crate or is it actually you and a silent partner? I know Rhis has been in it with you from the start (or at least that’s the impression I got from some old, old forum comments by him) so it just seemed odd to me if he didn’t have a bit more sway.

Been curious about that for awhile and I suppose I could always ask Rhis on Steam chat but was hoping you’d answer :slight_smile:

Rhis always gets 20 thumbs up from me for… reasons. Well 2 specific reasons. 1 way back reason and one midway back reason. He knows why :smiley:

Also, can you comment on when we are going to see the downloadable “Crate Story” pdf for Loyalist/KS backers? I’m guessing at some point after FG, personally, but hopefully you can clear the air on it.

ROLF @powbam :smiley: Is this now the Ask-medierra-a-question thread?

At the moment, yes, eis, yes it is :cool: How ya doing? :smiley: <-- see, I can ask you one too.

Please choose: either I roll-on-laughing-floors or I am in food coma.

Well, personally I have never seen “laughing-floors” so I choose that. Roll all you want! As long as you keep them floors laughing :rolleyes:

Grim Dawn: We still care about our PC users!

…nuff said.

While I do feel sorry for Diablo fans, heck I’m a Diablo and Diablo 2 fan myself, a part of me was hoping that this situation Blizzard has put itself into might be an opportunity for Crate.

Obviously, it depends on whether the Diablo effect on sales continues, but I’m thinking in the sense of ‘‘Yeah, we might have thought of FG as our last grand addition to the game, but we might reconsider that thought in the light of current events’’.

I guess a lot will depend on just how interesting the Shattered Realm will be, because it might scratch an itch with D3 fans.

For one, I’d like to see some more roguelike dungeons. Why not give every faction we can be enemies with a roguelike, with tidbits of lore and impressive areas?

Well, I can understand people are disappointed, so if that counts as a form of upset…

And I think the number one fear in the Diablo community is that there is no Diablo 4 in the works, or even worse - that it will be in the style of Diablo Immortal, dumbed down further from D3 and lacking gore and blood to be admissible on the Chinese market.

Because we’ll have the challenge areas in many parts of the world once FG is released. And don’t forget they’re going into the rogues as well to make them even more challenging. :eek:

Well supposedly it’s been in dev for 5+ years now, but has changed direction at least 2 times. The real fear would be that it suffers the same fate as Deus Ex or Duke Nukem Forever, and comes out 10 years later, when no one cares about it anymore.

Granted Deus Ex was a good game, but probably not played by very many of the people who were looking forward to it when it was first announced. :\

And there I thought the more obvious game to make that connection with would have been the 12 year period between D2 release and D3 :wink:

Which didnt phase them in the slightest… nor hurt their profit margin by all accounts.

Then again, to be fair, they still had most their fanbases goodwill prior to D3. I suspect D3 itself did cost them a good chunk of their D2 fanbase tho… but they already had their money. And then they took the money of all the new gens who didn’t hold any D2 loyalty.

And now this “fiasco”.

So I guess it would be hard to say how an overlong period would turn out for sure the next time around… then again, they are aiming to break harder in to China so maybe they aren’t really that worried regardless.

Makes me kinda curious what the Chinese fans think about this situation. Do they care? Or just find it amusing watching the Westerners freak out?

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Google is your friend powbam. Seems they’re just as furious about it as everywhere else in the world is.

Hey that’s my line medea :wink: I was feeling lazy watching Joe Rogan podcasts.

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