Mythical Cord of Violent Decay farming location(s)

What is the best place to farm this belt? I farmed so many times but i couldnt get it

Random drop from anywhere.

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Yay, totally my style! Random farm everywhere!!!

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Sorry but that’s how the majority of Legendaries drop in this game. Best way you’ll get it is going to be doing whatever gets you the most drops the fastest in a single game session. Nemeses, Roguelikes, Shattered Realm, Crucible etc. all give a good amount.

You could also consider trading with others for it in the trade topic on the forums.

Well… I kind of learned the hard way!
I wont GD stash, I wont GD stash I wont!.. I…

I have played for 240hrs but couldnt get it. So bad :grimacing: tyvm