Mythical Edge Of Death

This sword is considered the best option for dual wield melee vitality death knight out of necessity, even with top conversion rolls you can’t get a 100% conversion to vitality damage. The bonuses to WPS on the item look good but have minimal impact to dps. The sword has no flat vitality damage and has some armor piercing conversion making it even worse. It is a struggle to push sheet dps to 120k on death knight with amazing rolls and with all procs including dying god active.

Suggestion would be to change these into a dagger and make vitality as their primary damage or to add flat vitality damage to them as a sword and give them 100% physical damage converted to vitality damage to cadence.

To compensate you could even remove the flat RR proc on the sword.


Yes, flat Vitality damage to this sword would be good. About making it a dagger… Well, it may work too, actually. Though I do not like Spirit dump and prefer avoiding it whenever possible :smile:.

I agree DW vitality is generally lacking. And changing it to a dagger and having bonus to cadence instead would be better. I have this build for it
It has lower DA and phys res, but otherwise relatively OK because of lifesteal. It can do SR 65-66.

alot different to how i build it, i dont think i could stand missing out on like 45 RR through rings and full BK set. this is how i build it

this is about the most RR you can stack and possibly the highest dps setup whilst still having resists 30% over cap. Still even with this its lacking because of the shitty sword.

They dont need to change the sword into a dagger, what they could do is just add flat vitality damage to it and then give it a 100% physical damage converted to vitality damage to cadence.

Yours is a lot better. But I try often to not build around sets. But I think that mine has more life leech and especially the scales keep you alive a lot. Siphon souls helps as well. I always rather have less damage and more sturdiness. But the rings and their RR is a good idea. That I will change in my build.

At least spirit dump adds damage :grimacing:

i dunno, feels tanky to me. 30% lifesteal is enormous and the proc on the gloves actually does alot of damage and procs all the time. with angrim % armor crafts im at over 2900 armor and 29% physical resist. but like i said even with this setup it still suffers damage wise with those shitty swords.

It is true. But I still prefer tankiness over damage (through Physique dump), because of my lazy and reckless playstyle :grinning:.

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