Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might (Pierce -> Physical on aura of conviction behavior)

These gloves give flat physical damage to aura of conviction & convert 50% pierce damage to physical when aura of conviction is on.
My question is: do these modifiers apply to a character that is wearing them but is NOT an inquisitor?
Obviously if I have an inquisitor on my team and they are using aura of conviction it would benefit me greatly if I were to wear these and take advantage of the bonuses.
On the opposite side of this would it not be build destroying if the inquisitor that was wearing these would “give” that bonus to a teammate that didn’t want or need it!? While I haven’t checked either of these properties I would be very curious to see what the effects were for both parties involved.
There are also a handful of other items very similar to these and I wonder if there’s a list of them out there already?

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Usually damage conversion on aura skills does only apply to the aura supplier him- / herself.

I was afraid of this… Although I’m still hoping deep down that it’s not the case 100% of the time. Will report back with some conclusive details on this issue in a few days. Unless someone beats me to it that is.