Mythical Justicar full set and internal trauma damage build

Im trying to work out with all the mythical justicar set peices and their bonuses. if i make a build that goes up the physical/internal trauma damage line of devotions (Oleron, Ulzaad etc.) and take the full set including the gloves, would the 100% conversion from the gloves absolutely gimp a forcewave/blitz build’s damage? or is the conversion from that the final conversion that converts all the other sources of phys/internal trauma damage. or would i be better off respecing into fire damage devotions once i move to that set?

i’ve checked the order of opperations on damage conversion and if im reading it right, it would apply the conversion at the final stage as theres no other transmuter. which i think means it would still work with the build i want. just want to confirm please

not sure what you mean, Justicar conversion is Transmuter conversion and occurs first/at step 1/converts anything related to judgment/blitz/forcewave

regarding this

there is no conversion that convert global %phys/%trauma damage
and flat damage is only applied to skills using weapon attacks/%weapon damage, which judgment doesn’t, so there would be nothing to convert in such case
since blitz and FW have %WD they would get flat phys/flat trauma added that would get converted, but you’d still go a long phys path just to add a tiny bit of flats, with no %dmg being useful in ex Oleron

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Thanks for the informative reply gnomish_inquisition,

So i was reading it wrong. Thanks. Is there a better set if i wanna keep the forcewave/blitz build in phys/retal damage?

Was also looking at octavius’s set. But that doesnt buff blitz

here you can see all items that adds modifiers to X skill
for phys blitz you have either MIs like milton warden shield and bargoll stick, or markovian set
to me recollection Justicar is kinda the only set that does all 3 skills at once, tho if you get creative with some Targo set or individual items/global “reverse” conversion you might be able to manage a phys approach on all 3 at the same time

Didn’t think you could reverse convert after a total conversion was already done?

you can’t
what i mean by “reverse” conversion is ex finding an item that adds flat fire dmg/X type dmg to for instance judgment, and then converting that into phys

aah right :slight_smile:

lots to think on. thanks for all your help and time!

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:+1: it’s what we get paid for

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