Mythical legendaries that you're hoping for?

In the expansion, Crate has already confirmed that every single legendary set will have a mythical version. For those that don’t know, mythical legendaries will be improved versions of current legendaries that are similar to how they are now, but have new and improved effects.

I’m personally hoping for a mythical Blood Orb of Ch’thon that converts 100% of all damage dealt to chaos.

Mythical Legendaries modify existing skills so more than likely on blood orb of Ch’thon you would have

Blood Rite II
100% Elemental converted to Chaos
100 Active Health Cost Per Second
+300 Energy Reserved
Adds +10% damage absorption to Possession
20% of attack damage converted to health

etc etc.

Personally any new mythical legendary which has Converts X to Y is already something I’m looking forward to.

Pierce to Fire please Crate. My saboteur needs it.

An item that does the following:
+4 to Ulzuin’s Chosen
Adds +60% Chance of 100% Cooldown reduction for Ulzuin’s Chosen
(This would require players to over-level Ulzuin’s Chosen but the bonus would be that they would have a 100% cooldown build)

+3 to Mortar Trap
Adds 100% increased attack/cast speed to Mortar Trap
(This would be interesting to see)

though special mention to an item so close to my heart, cant wait for it to make a special comeback in mythical fashion [spoiler]

The Mythical Soiled Trousers! :rolleyes: [/spoiler]

All good ideas, but this, don’t you think it would be like old Time Dilation?:stuck_out_tongue:

Would smash Fabius:D in 5 seconds

Since Obsidian Juggernaut is already getting an upgrade, I have my hopes high that Crown of the Winter King is getting one as well, hopefully with a modifier that isn’t linked to pets.

Mythical Soiled Trousers
Mythical Explorer’s Set

These would be nice additions

I don’t mind having a somewhat OP build that is completely gear dependent :slight_smile:

None of Zantais allow 100% CDR with 100% uptime.

Mythical Deviltongue would be awesome.

Among others. :wink:

will they still be purple? or are they doing a red or gold color for them?

tell me if i got this right:

(most of) the old legendaries have mythic versions.
in the expansion there are also new legendaries (sets or no sets!?) which are high level already - and they dont have a mythic version

That’s right. The ONLY reason the “mythical” tag exists is for the purpose of re-introducing lower level items to scale competitively with other items at the new level cap. “Mythical” is not a new tier, not a new color, and not higher quality than any other legendary in the same level range.

There are high level legendaries and sets that are completely new and don’t have “mythical” in their name (in other words, they don’t have low level versions)

i wouldn’t mind dropping the Dagallon set :slight_smile:

I like it weird and a mortar trap + word of pain set totally sold me, as autoattack replacer i would use shard of beronath and i will take advantage of those storm spread and bursting rounds boni that this set offers.

I greatly desire that Octavius Set. Finally some variety in melee specialists.

Guillotine definately

All of them!!!

Scythe of Tenebris
And Scythe of Tenebris