Mythical Marauders Set - Please Add

While pretty much all the other sets with a empowered equivalent got a Mythical version, the Marauder’s set didn’t, despite it being one of the few items to fit a gunslinger focused sorcerer build. So it would be nice to see a Mythical version of this set, as otherwise my elemental sorc gunslinger is going to have to wait until it can equip the Mythical Arcanum Sigillis to make use of the elemental damage it adds to firestrike.

As for what bonuses it should have, +%damage to frostburn and burn would work nicely, as would conversion from lightening to fire/cold and possibly support for ABB just as the Mythical version of the Elemental Balance rings did. Or there could also me bonuses for inquisitor skills as well, to make it attractive for spellbinder builds.