(Mythical) Necrolord's Shroud

This one puzzles me. 250 energy reserved… for nothing in particular. It’s a great item otherwise; to be perfectly honest, I’d use it even if it had no aura at all. But +50% to Vitality and Vitality Decay damage? At level 94, who’s going to notice? Same goes for the +35% for the level 75 version. Meanwhile, the only good part of the aura, the health bonus, doesn’t fit the flavor text:

“Imbue your weapons and those of nearby allies with the power of undeath.”

If it gave flat vitality damage, or cold, or ADCTH, or pretty much anything else, it would make more sense. Am I missing something here?

(Mog’s Ardor doesn’t fit its flavor text either. Great bonuses, but no distinctiveness, no flash, no style. I want something cool from the only pet-based level 90 mythical relic, not a painfully generic stat rock.)