Mythical sCrap !

It’s very good that the far way better item has a lower item req to be used.

Difference in damage bonus is inexistent, somewhere between +350-850 sheet dps in inv over my +75k - so yeah - inexistent.

And stealing 3k-15k light dmg + 1sec stun and putting a pathetic 900 lightn dmg and -8%…again…-8% energy cost to stun jacks is just a trap - its very simple with both items in inventory to test which is the actual mythical one - the one without “mythical” at the begining of the name ofc.

Same for wyrm gloves…

Why do this ? Why ruin perfect items ?

They are mythical, they should have both, or a chance to roll with either of them…

I’m convinced Bitchachos is someone’s troll alt.

Also, “inexistent” is not a word.

Mythical Light’s Defender gloves is far better than the regular version. You know it’s 900 flat lightning per projectile and reduced energy cost allows for more uninterrupted spamming. The proc from the regular has got nothing on this (i always thought this proc sucked).

I do agree on the Mythical Wyrmbone Handguards.

Troll ? lol… who is the troll in this thread by what u say and what im saying ?

Imo the granted skills are better than +something to a specific skill in most cases…these are just 2…il post some more today

I understand the appeal for procs on items, but the reality is that the myth versions are superior for builds dedicated to the mods they have on them. In this case BWC and SJ.

The BWC mod btw is subject to BWC transmuter btw which is a pretty huge deal.

Except if you are using BWC for Burn Damage and not Electrocute (which Infernal Knight has none), then it becomes a minimal damage boost. I’d rather if it had burn damage or get its old proc back.

You can have both.:smiley: Idk i know it’s not popular but I like the potion/addition. hybrid buids are now a marvelos thing in AoM