Mythical Set Items

Can Mythical set items also count as the non-Mythical version, for set completion purposes? Kind of a bummer to have a 4 or 5-piece set bonus, but not want to use a Mythical drop because then you’d lose out on the bonus.

So what happens if you have the set with 50% myth and 50% non myth versions of the items?

Which completion bonus do you get? Of the myth version or the non myth version?

If you have let’s say two pieces of each you have the 2 pieces bonus of both sets

You get the highest #-piece set bonus…but always non-mythical if there are any non-mythical pieces.

1m + 3 regular = 4-piece regular

2m + 2 regular = 4-piece regular

4m + 1 regular = 5-piece regular

5m = 5-piece mythical

Yeah, the only issue is if you’re counting on something like:

3m + 2 regular = 3-piece mythical AND 2-piece regular bonus. But I’ve never seen a build that uses a combination like that.

I would imagine the increased stats from Mythical items would be more alluring than trying to get double-bonuses from both mythical and non-mythical sets. Granted, I thought this up because I have 3 Mythical pieces of a set just wasting away in my stash because I don’t want to lose the 5-piece set bonus I am getting from the non-mythical pieces (yes, I don’t have the helm plans, so I can’t even transmute to complete it) :frowning:

Sure, why not. But I doubt it will be changed as it would require a drastic change in how of the set system currently works for relativity little befit since you would be working towards getting the full mythical version of the set anyway

Don’t think that can be a thing given that both variants are separate files in the database.

Yeah, not sure how the code handles set bonuses, but thought I’d throw it out there.