Mythical Soulbearer

In my opinion the normal soulbearer wins against the mythical version since it loses it’s special power. And gaining longer lasting wendigo totems with less cooldown is barely worth it, since the summon limit for those is always 1. It would be nice to have that special power on the mythical version too, even if it meant losing those totem bonuses, since they are basically not worth anything. Or if it increased the summon limit of wendigo totems as well, that would also make it more worth.

completely agree. I picked up the mythical version and was getting ready to switch. Just hit level 94 and then noticed it has no harvest soul skill. completely kills my mana sustain. Wondering what the reasoning was for removing it.

have nothing else to add onto your suggestion.

As you said, either adding the harvest soul skill back or increasing wendigo summon limit would make it viable.